Not so startling to this writer is the sudden election year epiphany by “experts” of the repercussions of an illegal pre-emptive attack to install a compatible government in Iraq. The survey included Republicans and Democrat and was done by Foreign Policy magazine and the Center for American Progress.
Also of note in the poll is the astounding difference in the response of the American people, who are fooled into thinking that the government is doing its job. 29 percent actually believe we are winning the war! 60 percent (6 out of 10!) think America is safer. This is even after 9 out of 10 government experts declare it all differently. Are the people fools thinking leaders lead or do the leaders know they are not doing the job the people believe should be done?
The polls showed little hope for the massive troop buildup this last year. In the recent US election the people of the nation told the government to get out of Iraq through the ballot box. The only thing that happened was the new Democrat congress rubber-stamped every law Bush has pushed in their face. Troop buildup or legalizing past criminal activities the new Democratic congress has helped Bush more than any Republican congress would have attempted. They can run but they can’t hide.
91 percent of the experts polled said the world had grown more dangerous for Americans and the United States. Even more telling is that 8 out of 10 experts agreed that even with improvements in the intelligence gathering the Nation was not safe from the spreading hatred for the USA governments illegal wars and atrocities. These war crimes and atrocities garner a hatred that will spill into action by those suppressed. It would seem that any Iraqi fighting for his land is a terrorist and only those that submit to the installed western government are being protected behind reinforced walled cities like the “green zone” in Iraq. It is a fact that the US government’s prime concern at this time is to install that government and have them sign the oil “sharing” agreements.
The experts seem to have finally understood (only as elections approach) that even a decade from now the Middle East will be feeling the effects of this war as no Iraqi family has gone without losing members to this pre-emptive war created by the Bush administration.
There were 3 out of 100 that believed that Iraq could turn into a beacon of democracy for the Middle East. It is heartening to know that most understand that is an impossibility. Destroying a nation to infuse your own idea of government is an “empirical desire”, as defined in most history books and our nation should not be making empires. Bring America home.

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