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Thread: Young gutless chickenhawk pukes would rather stay home

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    Default Young gutless chickenhawk pukes would rather stay home

    YouTube - Young Republican Chickenhawks

    Brilliant! The guy stumbling his words while snapping his gum is priceless.

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    Ugh I know alot of his type from college events. The College Republicans are the most cowardly and loud-mouthed (not to mention unattractive) people I've seen in my lifetime. Just a bunch of twat droppings from some Stepford baby-makers with nothing better to do than support a war they don't want to fight in.

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    Scary how they all say the exact same thing. Are they reading from a teleprompter?

    There are two things for our future I saw in that video. First: the gum popping guy is very likely the next Bush. Second: the filmmaker is probably the next Michael Moore.
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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    All the guys looked and sounded gay.

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