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Thread: ‘Wild-Eyed’ George Bush thumped chest while repeating ‘I Am The President!'

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    Default ‘Wild-Eyed’ George Bush thumped chest while repeating ‘I Am The President!'

    Georgie Anne Geyer writes today in the Dallas Morning News about President Bush’s strange behavior during a recent meeting with “[f]riends of his from Texas.”
    But by all reports, President Bush is more convinced than ever of his righteousness.

    Friends of his from Texas were shocked recently to find him nearly wild-eyed, thumping himself on the chest three times while he repeated “I am the president!” He also made it clear he was setting Iraq up so his successor could not get out of “our country’s destiny.”

    This is the second time in recent weeks that accounts have surfaced of Bush lashing out or “ranting” in private meetings when responding to criticism of his Iraq policy. Chris Nelson of the Nelson Report offered a similar account earlier this month:
    [S]ome big money players up from Texas recently paid a visit to their friend in the White House. The story goes that they got out exactly one question, and the rest of the meeting consisted of The President in an extended whine, a rant, actually, about no one understands him, the critics are all messed up, if only people would see what he’s doing things would be OK…etc., etc. This is called a “bunker mentality” and it’s not attractive when a friend does it. When the friend is the President of the United States, it can be downright dangerous. Apparently the Texas friends were suitably appalled, hence the story now in circulation.
    Like the tearful House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), Bush needs to channel his bottled up emotions towards a more worthy end — winding down the war in Iraq rather than defending the status quo.

    Think Progress » Report: In Meeting, ‘Wild-Eyed’ Bush Thumped Chest While Repeating ‘I Am The President!’


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    Sounds like Bush needs a timeout. No more sniffing Condi's panties, Georgie, until you clean up the country.

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    * I didn't vote for him *
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    he is a 'tard

    'tard jeb bush is working on his george p's political career

    george p has been know to be abusive towards his girlfriends
    he broke into her house and roughed up her father and her

    the smoking gun website
    Here's a few things:

    1) George P. Bush might be a hunkalicious young Republican, but he still seems a bit creepy. So TSG wasn't too surprised to learn that "P" was involved in a troubling 1994 incident described in this Metro-Dade Police Department report. On December 31, 1994, Bush showed up at 4 AM at the Miami home of a former girlfriend. He proceeded to break into the house via the woman's bedroom window, and then began arguing with his ex's father. Bush, then a Rice University student, soon fled the scene. But he returned 20 minutes later to drive his Ford Explorer across the home's front lawn, leaving wide swaths of burned grass in his wake. Young Bush avoided arrest when the victims declined to press charges. (3 pages)
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    ^^ There's ANOTHER George Bush???

    I seriously hope Americans won't elect another Bush.

    And regarding the "I am the president" that's hilarious. What an idiot lol.
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