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Thread: BYU Students prevent Cheney as 'Guest Speaker'

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    Talking BYU Students prevent Cheney as 'Guest Speaker'

    BYU Students, Grassroot Donors Make Anti-Cheney Graduation a Reality
    Submitted by BuzzFlash on Tue, 04/24/2007 - 11:51am. Alerts


    The seniors at Brigham Young University never asked for a famous graduation speaker, and they certainly did not ask for a liberal one. They just wanted their diplomas and a celebration of their hard work. But when the school picked Dick Cheney to talk, an outraged student body acted boldly to take back their graduation.

    In the midst of final exams, expiring leases, and post-college planning, BYU students organized protests, launched a petition which collected thousands of signatures, and tried to find alternative speakers and a separate venue. They were thwarted by BYU officials every step of the way.

    Completely on their own, the students booked an auditorium in a different college and three prominent speakers (Ralph Nader, a former Utah Senate candidate, and a human rights advocate). The only problem: they needed $25,000 to pay for it all.

    The students did their part to raise money - one made $1,000 over two days doing medical experiments - but they were still well short until local filmmaker Steven Greenstreet launched an online donation drive. Generous folks around the world helped exceed the $20,000 goal in just a few hours.

    "Thank you so much for helping these kids out!" wrote Greenstreet. "They've been calling me and they're SO EXCITED!"

    What a wonderful story: Conservative religious people openly rejecting the Bush Administration. Successful grassroots organization. Progressives putting their money where their mouth is to make a statement. And perhaps most importantly, a graduation ceremony for absolutely admirable students untainted by a pathological, sinister, maniac vice president.

    BYU Students, Grassroot Donors Make Anti-Cheney Graduation a Reality |

    See there ARE people that protest and fight. I have faith in my generation.

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    Oh, my goodness I'm so proud of these kids!

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    Yay! Those students did GREAT, very organised too.

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