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Thread: FEMA medical trailers sit empty in New Orleans

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    Default FEMA medical trailers sit empty in New Orleans

    Way to fucking go ghost of Brownie! Swamped hospitals and health care facilities yet the FEMA trailers aren't being used. More of our conservy government at work with your tax dollars. Thanks a shitload Bush!

    Medical trailers sit while hospitals overflow with patients

    08:09 PM CST on Friday, March 9, 2007

    Meg Farris / Medical Reporter

    Nearly a year after they arrived in New Orleans to aid in health care availability following Katrina, several double-wide FEMA trailers designed to be used for medical services sit untouched while hospitals continue to overflow with patients, according to several doctors familiar with the situation.

    “It’s terribly frustrating,” complained Dr. Cathi Fontenot, the Director of the Medical Center of Louisiana in New Orleans. “Everyone realizes the crisis for health care that’s here in the city and to be sitting on assets like this without being able to use them is terrible.”

    LSU Health Science Center officials said the trailers were ordered after Katrina destroyed many medical facilities and arrived about seven months later. Each is capable of handling a half dozen or more patients at a time and the idea is to spread them out around the city, in damaged areas, so that more routine care can take place there, freeing up hospitals for real emergencies.

    LSU and Tulane doctors are ready to staff the facilities that will include primary doctors and some specialists, but they say they’ve had problems with zoning issues, that may be finally be getting resolved.

    LSUHSC officials said that one of the concerns was opening the clinics on school sites, bringing adults into close proximity with children, but Fontenot said the center had plans to avoid any problems.

    “Four of the clinics had plans to be on school sites, but the hours of operation for the community will be very different than the hours of operation for the children.”

    A temporary zoning waiver passed the city council this month and it is awaiting the mayor’s signature, but Dwayne Thomas, the CEO of the Medical Center of Louisiana, said it will still take between 90 and 100 days for those facilities to come on line.
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    this is frustrating..there are so many people in dire need over there

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    Still on New Orleans. I am so sad about what happened but this is not the only place to ever suffer.
    Hell, my family had damages from Floyd and FEMA is just now helping them, that's been much longer than NO.

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