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Thread: 349,000 illegal immigrants deported in 2008

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    Protect what culture? The white protestant one?

    So what would the official languages of the US be? Anything but Spanish.

    This thread is retarded. Don't like illegal immigration then stop giving your business to companies that hire them. We do benefit from their cheap labor; you think the companies would allow fair wages to cut into their profits? No, they would pass that on to the consumer. You think illegals are taking all the construction jobs?

    While I sit here in my office reading everyone bitch my mind wanders to the topic of outsourcing. That is the true threat looming over my job and alot of people who are sitting at their desks doing half assed work while they fuck around on a gossip forum.

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

    Fuck you all, I'm going viral.

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    I wish there was some way to punish the government of Mexico and not the Mexicans for our illegal problems.
    I'm not quite drunk enough to really care, but is this her violation of her violation of her violation of her violation of probation or her violation of her violation of her violation of her probation????? ~MontanaMama on LL's latest arrest.

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    Someone mentioned making English the official language. ITA. It will help phase out the concessions being made, especially to the Spanish speaking community. Speaking Spanish should not be a job requirement. Walking into a store and having the employees shrug because they don't understand English shouldn't happen in the USA.

    If they want to learn and move ahead, let them apply for legal status. If they commit crimes to avoid the effort required to assimilate, they deserve to be thrown out.

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