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Thread: Satire: how Nancy Pelosi uses womb to push gay agenda

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    Default Satire: how Nancy Pelosi uses womb to push gay agenda

    "No woman in the history of politics has used her womb like Nancy Pelosi." — Harvard Law School student and conservative misogynist douchebag Ben Shapiro, who obviously doesn't understand that use of the womb is an important part of generating the radical gay agenda that is shot out of feminazi cooters, so of course she has to use her womb a lot. Duh.

    I'm sort of breaking the Feminazi Cooter League's code of secrecy to do this, but let me just illustrate how the process works, to clear up any confusion:

    The Radical Gay Eggs are kept in the ovaries until they are fertilized by the dulcet tones of Barney Frank (or a Frank-certified Fertilofag like Spudsy), at which time they are deposited in the womb where they incubate alongside the Radical Gay Agenda Pink Disco Ball, which spins to the beat of It's Raining Men. In mere hours, the Radical Gay Eggs hatch into teensy lavender copies of Melissa Etheridge singles, which slowly disintegrate as they pass through the vaginal canal, emitting radiating vibrations of the Radical Gay Agenda.

    It's really just that simple. But, yeah, it keeps the womb busy.


    -> (Mods please move if this is in wrong forum, but thought it was ha-ha politically related.)
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    you already know.



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