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Thread: Voting machine activation cards stolen in Tennessee

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    Exclamation Voting machine activation cards stolen in Tennessee

    Political insiders have expressed alarm after 12 voter smartcards have gone missing from one Shelby County, TN early vote location!

    The cards are used to activate electronic voting machines.

    The location at the center of the controversy is Bishop Byrne High School on E. Shelby Drive in Memphis.

    The polling place started out with 25 cards. By Wednesday, 11 were missing, says an eyewitness.

    The location was given 5 more smartcards on Thursday.

    And another card went missing!

    Someone possessing a smartcard could use 'off the shelf equipment' [equipment that reprograms the card] and alter it to be used multiple times, and cast multiple votes.

    One concerned insider explains: "Shelby County Board of Elections has been notified. They said is was 'not a big deal' because, they said, the cards are deactivated. But the reality is, you can buy the equipment at computer stores to reactivate them. It's on the Internet how to reactivate the cards!"

    Meanwhile, The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is reviewing reports by the Shelby County Election Commission that two people voted twice during early voting in Memphis.

    Dist. Atty. Gen. Bill Gibbons said he's referred the cases to the TBI for investigation along with other matters he declined to discuss.

    Poll watchers are expected to turn out Tuesday to observe voting in Tennessee's heated U.S. Senate race between Chattanooga Republican Bob Corker and Memphis Democrat Harold Ford Jr.
    Gee.. i wonder who stole them.. hmm..
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    The number of people mailing in absentee ballots has gone way up. Lovely solid paper ballots.

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    I don't get it . Why is it so difficult to have "free and fair elections" in the US. It's like some sort of running gag here

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    you already know.


    Damnit! could this be why that eloquent educated charming progressive Dem. candidate Ford didn't win?!

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    I hate the new voting machines w/ the stupid codes. I wish we could have our old machines back.
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