NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, Ont. (CP) A controversial Republican attack ad that labels Canada a foreign policy deadbeat was inappropriate, but Canadians are no strangers to attacking the United States and should hold their "righteous indignation" in check, U.S. ambassador David Wilkins said Thursday.

The Canadian government lodged a complaint with U.S. President George W. Bush's administration over a Senate election ad from Tennessee that implied Canada doesn't pull its weight in international matters.

"Canada can take care of North Korea," one man in the ad says. ``They're not busy."

Wilkins said the ad's claims are baseless and he's glad it's been pulled. But he was quick to remind Canadians that their politicians have been guilty of producing their own attack ads.

Canadians should hold their outrage and consider the daily political attacks that Bush faced during the Canadian federal election campaign, he said.

"Just imagine if I registered a complaint every time my country or president was criticized," Wilkins said.

"Compare that (one ad) with the criticism early this year during the (federal) election that happened every day in Canada . . .ads that were run consistently throughout your country."
Yeah, well I hate to to tell you but individual personal opinions are a hell of a lot different than federally paid political advertisements on major networks, you fuckwit.

You'll never see an ad on Canadian television bashing the US. Comparing policies for contrast, sure. Outright slander? No.