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Thread: One time Jon Benet suspect seen with producers in San Francisco

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    Default One time Jon Benet suspect seen with producers in San Francisco

    Limo rides, segment producers and San Francisco entertainment lawyer Christopher Edward Reggie will likely be playing prominent roles in Karr's life from now on.

    "Mr. Karr is very interested in getting the truth about him in the media," said Reggie, who would not comment directly about his new client's limo ride on Friday. "This is a guy who obviously has limited resources. I don't know that he is looking for money, but we are all working for money. It's not a situation where he has to go out and solicit."
    Karr's flirtation with the limelight is not surprising to those who believe his apparently bogus confession in the JonBenet slaying indicates a pathological need for attention and fame.

    Karr trotted the globe since he fled Sonoma County in 2001 after his arrest on five counts of possessing pornographic pictures of children on his computer. He turned up in Thailand almost two months ago after he told acquaintances and the media that he was with JonBenet when she died in her Boulder, Colo., home in 1996.

    Karr was returned to Colorado, but his DNA did not match evidence found at the crime scene and he was released. The media throng then followed him to Sonoma County, where he was returned last month to face the 5-year-old charges.

    The public was left wondering what was next after prosecutors dropped the case mainly because investigators lost the computer that allegedly contained the sexually explicit images.

    Karr's criminal defense lawyer, Robert Amparan, said during a news conference Friday that he does not know where Karr is staying or where he plans to live. He said his client does not plan to contact his ex-wife or their children.

    "Obviously this case, the notoriety, is going to impact what he can do," Amparan said. But "with all the information that has been generated, nobody has come forward with a single thing he has done wrong." Limo rides to local schools aren't the only thing Karr has to look forward to. He is apparently weighing a slew of offers, interview requests and inducements from networks and cable television shows.

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    He has offers? A "slew of offers"? I hope none of them pan out.

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