(sorry for the quality; its a copy of a copy and a scan. I can email it to you though if interested/infuriated like me.)

I mentioned this incident a few days ago, but I didn't include the pathetic letter involved. Its hard to believe that this is where our tax dollars go at the Dept. of Homeland Security and that someone had the audacity to snitch on someone for doing this awful "terrorist"-like crime of *shock* *horror* PUMPING YOUR OWN GAS!!!!

What a waste, an unbeleivable fucking waste! This letter probably took hours to create: the "agent" recieved the info from a witness, checked if any laws were broken, (*gasp* it is against the law to pump your own gas in Oregon but shit; big fuck-me deal!), looked up the owner of the vehicle w/ those plates, looked up their mailing address, typed up a retarded letter on that stupid "special" letterhead w/ Dept. of Homeland Retardery printed on it, and finally left it in the secretary's Outbox to be stamped (costing Americans .39 cents a pop) and mailed out!