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Thread: Bush Wonders If He Can Trust Kim Jong-Il..

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    Default Bush Wonders If He Can Trust Kim Jong-Il..

    ..and convienently forgets that the same could just as easily be said of him..

    Bush: 'I Don't Know What Kim Wants'

    Bush Frustrated With N. Korea

    United Press International

    U.S. President George Bush said he wonders whether the world can trust anything said by North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

    During a news conference at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, Bush once again took North Korea to task for refusing to negotiate over its nuclear weapons program and this week's test-firing of seven missiles.

    He's made agreements in the past. He didn't live up to them, Bush said, going on to cite specifics.

    "You've got to wonder whether the man's word means anything."

    Bush said he does not understand Kin's intentions.

    "Is he trying to force us to do something by defying the world?," Bush asked.

    Bush said it is imperative that North Korea understand the world is speaking with one voice on this issue and that's why the issue now is before the U.N. Security Council.

    "There's a way forward for him to help his people. I believe we need to make that choice clear to him with more than once voice," Bush said.

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    Default Re: Bush Wonders If He Can Trust Kim Jong-Il..

    I saw Madeleine Albright and some other dude on TV yesterday discussing Kim Jon II and they both said he's actually sane and intelligent (which I don't believe at all...)

    If you think it's crazy, you ain't seen a thing. Just wait until we're goin down in flames.

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    Default Re: Bush Wonders If He Can Trust Kim Jong-Il..

    yerrrs...twashtt..twahstt mee....

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