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Thread: Pentagon to omit Geneva ban from new army manual

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    Default Pentagon to omit Geneva ban from new army manual

    Pentagon to omit Geneva ban from new army manual: report

    Mon Jun 5, 8:49 AM ET

    LOS ANGELES (AFP) - New policies on prisoners being drawn up by the Pentagon will reportedly omit a key tenet of the Geneva Convention that explicitly bans "humiliating and degrading treatment."
    Citing unidentified but knowledgeable military officials, the Los Angeles Times said the step would mark a further, potentially permanent, shift by the US government away from strict adherence to international human rights standards.
    The decision could end a lengthy debate within the Defense Department but will not become final until the Pentagon makes the new guidelines public, the report said.
    The State Department fiercely opposes the military's decision to exclude Geneva Convention protections and has been pushing for the Pentagon and White House to reconsider, the paper pointed out.
    The Pentagon has been redrawing its policies on detainees for more than a year.
    It intends to issue a new Army Field Manual on interrogation which, along with accompanying directives, represents core instructions to US troops around the world, The Times said.
    The directive on interrogation, a senior defense official said, is being rewritten to create safeguards so that all detainees are treated humanely but can still be questioned effectively, according to the report.
    Critics and supporters of President George W. Bush have debated whether it is possible to prove a direct link between administration declarations that it will not be bound by the Geneva Convention, and events such as the abuses at Abu Ghraib or the killings of Iraqi civilians last year in Haditha, The Times said.
    Omitting the Geneva provisions may make it harder for the administration to portray such incidents as aberrations, the paper noted, saying it would also undercut contentions that US forces follow the strictest, most broadly accepted standards when fighting wars.

    This made me think of my late grandfather. During WWII, my he ended up as a prisoner of war held by the Americans. He was so impressed by his treatment that he told everyone about these wonderful, decent people when he returned and emigrated as soon as he could. It was that experience that made him want to be an American. I don't know that proud future citizens are being created anymore.

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    Default Re: Pentagon to omit Geneva ban from new army manual

    gee, is anybody surprised?

    Where's DirtyPool to offer her opinion on it?
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