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Thread: 20% of white democrat voters would vote for John McCain if Barack Obama is nominee

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycgirly101 View Post
    Clinton and Obama are so similar on so many issues that it amazes me any of their supporters will vote for McCain in a general election. It just doesn't make any sense.
    The depressing thing for me is I have seen so many supporters of one or the other say here on this site that if their candidate doesn't get the nom, they won't vote for the other in the election.

    That's good thinking, really far-sighted.
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    It seems very immature, like a child who doesn't get their way and then makes a big scene about it. IMO, it's better to vote for the lesser of two evils (if you feel like either Hillary or Obama is 'evil'), than to not vote and let McCain win. Or worse to vote for McCain without knowing his policies or stances on issues.

    That said, people can vote for whoever they want, but they shouldn't start to bitch if they vote McCain and find out we'll be in Iraq for the next 8 years (at least).
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    Polls can be stretched to like like one thing or another. Just out of curiousity, does anyone know if they were trying to insinuate that people wouldn't vote for Obama because of racism, or because they would rather have Hillary, and if not, McCain is their second choice?

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    If racism or sexism has anything to do with it, I think Obama has a better chance than Hillary. Anyone who wouldn't vote for either of these two just because of that may deserve whatever they get, but the rest of us don't.

    There was a time (many many moons ago, way prior to this election) I was actually lukewarm toward McCain...the first time he was running against Bush years ago. But when he turned around and endorsed Bush after throwing in the towel I knew he was anything but a "moderate" or incidental Republican.

    The fact that they had to trot this guy out (someone people have been duped into thinking is a "moderate" who will vote his own way) to attempt to keep a Republican in the white house speaks volumes as to how embarassingly bad GeeDubya has been for the country and for their party. If they're smart they won't let him within a mile of McCain for the duration of this election.

    I'd love to see Hillary or Obama take it, frankly.
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    i just can't wrap my head around stuff like this. not just the racism thing but generally letting your like or dislike of a candidate determine how you vote. i'd rather see hilary get the nomination but if she doesn't and i was a US voter, it would never cross my mind to vote for the other party because i don't like obama. sure, the president is important but more important still are the people surrounding him/her and what they represent.
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