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Thread: Religious right bashes Laura Bush for not attacking gays enough

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    Red face Religious right bashes Laura Bush for not attacking gays enough


    By Allie Martin and Jenni Parker
    May 17, 2006

    (AgapePress) - The president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of Pennsylvania) says federal and state amendments protecting traditional marriage should be a campaign issue, regardless of what First Lady Laura Bush says.

    Last week on "Fox News Sunday," Mrs. Bush commented that although Americans do want to debate marriage amendments, the issue should be addressed with "a lot of sensitivity" and should not be used as a campaign tool. However, AFA of Pennsylvania president Diane Gramley feels the suggestion from the First Lady is not sound campaign advice -- especially for pro-family candidates.

    Gramley feels it is tragic that Mrs. Bush does not see the importance of making the marriage amendment a campaign issue. Marriage is of essential significance to America's citizens, the Pennsylvania pro-family leader says, "because it is the foundation of the nation and of any society -- and that is one of the main issues that got the values voters out in 2004."

    But now, the family values advocate asserts, many Christians who voted for President George W. Bush and other conservative candidates in the last elections are still waiting for confirmation that their marriage protection concerns are being addressed by the people they helped to put in office. Although a number of states have passed marriage protection measures, many conservatives feel the Bush administration has been sending mixed signals about its support for a proposed federal Marriage Protection Amendment.

    Most Americans want traditional marriage -- that is, marriage defined as the union of one man and one woman -- protected, Gramley contends. She says elected U.S. officials at both the state and federal levels need to pass the marriage amendments that are before them so the people can vote on how they want marriage defined.

    "Mrs. Bush, of all people, should see that it's been a very important issue," the AFA of Pennsylvania president observes, "and that politicians should stand up for marriage and should support the marriage amendments and voice their support for the marriage amendments during this campaign."

    A proposed marriage protection amendment goes before Pennsylvania voters next month. While some opponents have argued in favor of "marriage rights" for homosexuals, Gramley insists that same-sex marriage is not a civil rights issue and that there is nothing discriminatory about the Pennsylvania Marriage Protection Amendment or its proposed federal counterpart.
    The response:


    by John in DC - 5/17/2006 06:16:00 PM

    Picking on the first lady because she doesn't think bashing gays should be an issue Republicans exploit in the fall elections. This should be interesting. And from the American Family Association, no less.

    Then again, it has to suck for the American Family Association to finally see all of Mary Cheney's inside influence coming home to roost. You don't invite an avowed lesbian activist, which Mary very much was once upon a time (she wasn't just the gay liaision for Coors, she was also on the board of a gay-straight activist group), into the inner most circles of Republican power and NOT expect her openly-gay presence and rather strong-willed views to influence those around her.

    Pick up Mary's book, folks (but please don't buy it, it's really not worth it, just browse at a bookstore). In the book Mary makes clear that lots and lots and LOTS of Republican aides came into her office, closed the door, and told her how awful they thought this anti-gay constitutional amendment was. Mary was their friend, and they didn't want to do ANYTHING to hurt their friend. Does anyone in the religious right REALLY think ANY of those staffers are pulling the extra hours to help make gay-bashing a high priority in the Mary Cheney White House? I don't think so.

    And you just saw Mary's influence on Laura Bush. Does anyone really believe that it's a coincidence that Laura Bush is speaking out rather unfavorably on the religious right gay-bashing agenda the same week that Mary Cheney's "I'm a lesbian and dad thinks it's okay" book comes out? Please.

    The lesson here for Republicans and corporate America is that whether you're a big American company (Ford) or the president of the United States (Bush), if you get in bed with these people they WILL burn you. They know no loyalty, no limits, and have no sense of politics other than threatening to destroy you unless you agree with 110% of their agenda. To hell with gas prices going through roof, seniors getting threatened with Medicare cut-offs, the war in Iraq getting worse every day. The religious right Republicans will demand that you focus on THEIR extreme fringe agenda, even if it shoots you in the foot, or you're dead.

    You created Frankenbigot, my Republican friends, now you get to live with it.
    No, because denying gays the right to marriage equality is the height of inclusivity. It's not keeping gays as 2nd class marriage citizens at all. It's also not a civil rights issue, because gays are evil and don't have rights.
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    Default Re: Religious right bashes Laura Bush for not attacking gays enough

    I remember the first time I ran across the American Family Association website. I was sure that it had to be some sort of parody. Sad world.

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    Default Re: Religious right bashes Laura Bush for not attacking gays enough

    The Religious Right is crazy and has brought the Republican Party from its reasonable, moderate positions in the 70's (pro Equal Rights Ammendment, Affirmative action and pro-choice) to a fantatical "if you are not like us, we will destroy you" position. Many may not remember but Barry Goldwater in his final years was pro-gay rights, pro-choice and against the Religious Right. This was from a man that used to be considered a right wing extremist! Bill Clinton could have been Nelson Rockefeller or George Romney. The present day Republicans vilified him as an extreme liberal. God help the U.S.A. and save us from these crazies.

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    Default Re: Religious right bashes Laura Bush for not attacking gays enough

    The American Family Association (sounds so much better than The American Homophobic Bigots Association) is actually on a list of hate groups.
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