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Thread: Mary Cheney against Bush's stance on gay marriage

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    Default Mary Cheney against Bush's stance on gay marriage

    Cheney's gay daughter hits Bush stance on gay marriage

    Sun May 14, 4:11 PM ET

    WASHINGTON (AFP) - The lesbian daughter of US Vice President
    Dick Cheney hit out at President George W. Bush's support for a constitutional amendment proscribing gay marriage.

    Mary Cheney, 37, told Fox News Sunday that the idea, which was backed strongly by Bush's Republican Party during his 2004 re-election campaign and continues to be promoted by many conservatives today, was "a bad piece of legislation".

    "I think that is what the federal marriage amendment is, it is writing discrimination into the constitution.

    "It is writing discrimination into the constitution and, as I say, it is fundamentally wrong."

    "I would also hope that no one would think about trying to amend the constitution as a political strategy," she added.
    Well shit Mary where the fuck were you when Kerry and Edwards were praising you for being a 'proud' lesbian? Oh yeah your were attacking them just like your ol pop.

    Fucking right-wing tool.

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    Default Re: Mary Cheney against Bush's stance on gay marriage

    FUck off you toad-looking heffer. Keep your face shut so dadsy can win the election, and now you want to seem like some sort of homo-activist?

    Go die. Please. You disgrace. Get AIDS and pass away horribly, for what you've done. You're complicit in countless deaths.
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    Default Re: Mary Cheney against Bush's stance on gay marriage

    I am pro-gay marriage. I think everyone deserves to find someone to love and spend forever with. Luckily, I got to marry my soul mate because I am a woman and he is a man and our love is socially acceptable. I feel so bad for those without "socially acceptable" love.

    I think the Cheneys are the worst kind of hypocrites. UGH.

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