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Thread: Lou Dobbs and his views on immigration

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    Default Lou Dobbs and his views on immigration

    Does anyone find this guy to be xenophobic? Read what he said about the current immigration debate:

    DOBBS: OK, are you ready to listen to me loud and clear?

    MURGUIA: I'm here.

    DOBBS: I don't think that we should have any flag flying in this country except the flag of the United States. And let me tell you something else, since we're talking about double standards and I think you're right about people who would believe that.

    But let's be clear. I don't think there should be a St. Patrick's Day. I don't care who you are. I think we ought to be celebrating what is common about this country, what we enjoy as similarities as people. And as Peter Viles was reporting, talking about the culture and the heritage of their people and that's why they want to hold up the Mexican flag or Ecuadorian flag.

    MURGUIA: No, this is about the American dream, this is about the aspirations of being Americans.

    DOBBS: No, let me finish. No, the American dream is being ripped out of the hands of millions of U.S. citizens today. Their jobs are being outsourced. Their schools are falling apart. Half of the Hispanics in this country are dropping out of high school, half of them, and you know that. Half of our -- young blacks are dropping out of high school.

    MURGUIA: But look at the contributions. Look at the contributions that immigrants are making. They're paying federal taxes.

    DOBBS: Not immigrants, not immigrants, no they're not.

    MURGUIA: But Hispanics immigrants, they are paying federal taxes.

    DOBBS: No.

    MURGUIA: Hispanics and immigrants contribute $519 billion into the Social Security trust fund, a trust fund that's going to pay your Social Security benefits.

    DOBBS: Let me given you a real piece of bad news for you. Over half of those people coming to this country illegally don't have a high school education. They're going to be a net drag on the social services of this country. We're going to be supporting them, our social safety net.

    MURGUIA: They're going to provide the work force that's up to 25 percent of that work force that is contributing and sustaining the Social Security trust fund that you and many others are going to be able to benefit, $519 billion.

    DOBBS: $519 billion? Janet, can I tell you right now, and I want to say this in front of God and everybody, whoever told you that illegal immigrants are going to contribute $519 billion...

    MURGUIA: ... Immigrants and Hispanics.

    DOBBS: Hispanics now? Now you're saying...

    MURGUIA: ... I'm saying that -- you can look it...

    DOBBS: .... Excuse me. Do you think that most Hispanics in this country buy this nonsense, that illegal immigration is great?You don't think that there's a division in what Hispanics and Latinos in this country think about illegal immigration?

    MURGUIA: No, I think that there are a lot of people who bring different points of view. But I think they all recognize that there's a common objective.

    DOBBS: But why would you incorporate what Hispanics do?

    MURGUIA: There's a common agenda here in the sense that we want to provide an opportunity to fix the broken system. It needs a comprehensive solution...

    DOBBS: OK, here's a solution.

    MURGUIA: ... that includes enforcement and it includes a guest worker program in dealing with those 12 million undocument.

    DOBBS: Here's a solution. You tell me what's wrong it. First we secure our borders. Then we create a rational and humane immigration policy. We take control of the immigration and our borders in that order.
    MURGUIA: We can do enforcement and we can make sure we're supporting some opportunities. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. We really can, we're in the 21st century, we can figure this out. We're a nation of laws and a nation with immigrations.

    DOBBS: Janet, I would love to say you're right, but you're watching people go on the set and say they're not talking about amnesty when they're talking about guest workers program. You're watching people sit there and say to you that they're -- please, they're equating Hispanics and illegal aliens.

    MURGUIA: We've poured millions and billions of dollars into enforcement-only approaches.

    DOBBS: Are you not doing that? Equating Hispanics and illegal aliens?

    MURGUIA: No.

    DOBBS: You said Hispanics and immigrants?

    MURGUIA: No, I'm not doing that. I think other people are doing that.

    DOBBS: Where did you get the $519 billion?

    MURGUIA: We have a documented report that shows in the Social Security suspension files when they look at who isn't -- they can't identify names, they look at who is contributing. Those are often immigrants without documents who are paying into the Social Security system.

    DOBBS: Seven billion dollars a year, do you know what they're costing in terms of social service and suppressed wages a year.

    MURGUIA: I'm just saying, they're going to see a lot of...

    DOBBS: It's a quarter of a billion dollars.

    MURGUIA: ... the economic vitality that we see in this country is due in large part to the immigrant work force.

    DOBBS: Why do you say immigrant? We're talking about illegal immigration.

    MURGUIA: Well there's immigrants here who are contributing to that.

    DOBBS: I would hope so, they have for 200 years.

    MURGUIA: Yes, right.

    DOBBS: But what about the illegals?

    MURGUIA: Let's fix the system, Lou. Let's get a solution that works...

    DOBBS: ... That's right, secure the border and then we can worry about the rest.

    MURGUIA: But we can secure the border and find opportunities to deal with this. If we just do enforcement only, that's what we did in 1996.

    DOBBS: It's four and a half years after September 11th...

    MURGUIA: And it hasn't worked.

    And for those partisan lefties who think Dobbs has become a right-winger, relax. Hereís his closing thought:

    DOBBS: ... we've got a Homeland Security Department that still can't secure a port or a border. We have got a big problem. We can't walk and chew gum, not with this government and not with this administration. article_id=5640841981493b34b3d0933ac577adf5

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    Default Re: Lou Dobbs and his views on immigration

    What is the 'American Dream' but the dream a land of immigrants dreams together?

    Dobbs, go back to sleep and wake up when you make sense.
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    Default Re: Lou Dobbs and his views on immigration

    yeah he's a fucking idiot; i was watching him a few weeks ago debating w/ the president of a Chicano rights group and he didn't let her get a word in much and his "points" were meaningless and unimportant to the issues, for example, the whole paying taxes bullshit; like i've said before, the illegals that I know from the dirt poor bus boys to the middle class do pay their taxes unlike many Americans who don't and suck off of welfare their entire lives or big corporations and their tax loopholes so his arguement was unfounded, and he also mentioned how hard it is to find a job in this country b/c of illegal immigrants which is bullshit on so many levels; I say if you want a better job then get a better education and quit the "Blame game" its pathetic and lame. Also he assumes that all illegal immigrants in this country are Mexican when the best estimates are that they're actually 1/2 Mexican and the other 1/2 are made up of Central Americans, African, Asian, Eastern European and so on.

    I think Lou Dobbs is too old for his post and very outdated in his views most of the time, although I did agree w/ him being against any foreign company being hired to manage our ports.

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    Default Re: Lou Dobbs and his views on immigration

    and he also mentioned how hard it is to find a job in this country b/c of illegal immigrants which is bullshit on so many levels; I say if you want a better job then get a better education and quit the "Blame game" its pathetic and lame
    it's not all bullshit. it IS getting harder for some people to get work. for example: my dad has worked doing custom carpentry for 25 years. he's self employed and depends on people hiring him to do work. he's done very well for himself and he's very good at what he does. in recent years he's finding it harder and harder to get work b/c these illegals that don't speak a word of english are snatching up all the jobs b/c they're willing to be paid $5 an hour. it's crap.

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    Default Re: Lou Dobbs and his views on immigration

    ^ well you can blame those who hire them for that fact, and the national minimum wage should be raised to a decent livable wage.

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    Default Re: Lou Dobbs and his views on immigration

    Did I hear on the radio today that there's a rally of illegal immigrants being organised in the US to demand better employment rights, etc??? Hmmmmm I wonder how many people will show up.
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    Default Re: Lou Dobbs and his views on immigration

    Yes, blame the people who are too cheap to pay minimum wage, much less the going rate, for quality work for the illegal immigrant situation. No demand = no supply. It's as simple as that.

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