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Thread: New Orleans hopeful fakes photo

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    Default New Orleans hopeful fakes photo

    | The Times-Picayune
    Butler campaign photo is in la-la land

    Saturday, April 15, 2006By Brian Thevenot
    Frank Donze and Michelle Krupa Staff writers
    On her campaign-for-mayor Web site, a picture of embattled Clerk of Criminal Court Kimberly Williamson Butler shows her smiling broadly, standing against a French Quarter backdrop of pastel buildings and ornate ironwork.
    The scene brings to mind a vision of a rebuilt New Orleans, where the trash man comes every day and the streets are all clean.
    Too clean.
    Trouble is, the scene pictured is 1,900 miles from the troubled, debris-ridden city Butler seeks to lead -- at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. Whether Butler actually traveled there to take the picture, or merely had herself digitally installed, remains unclear.
    A Disney public relations official confirmed Friday that the picture comes from the theme park's "New Orleans Square," and the company had been made aware of the unauthorized use of the image.
    "We've referred this to our legal department," said the official, who did not give his name, referring further questions to a Disney lawyer who could not be reached.
    Butler did not return a call Friday seeking comment.
    At first glance, nothing in the picture seems amiss. But try to figure out exactly where in New Orleans the picture is taken: There's a curious curve in the buildings, and the street seems to get progressively narrower, making a funnel shape.
    That's because it was built for pedestrians, not cars or mule-drawn carriages, and for a different sort of tourist than you might find rollicking in the Quarter.
    The obvious irony in the bizarre motif is that "Disneyland" has become a pejorative in post-Katrina New Orleans, used by people who fear developers and the tourist industry will turn the city into a phony, Hollywoodesque facade of its rich architecture and culture.
    Native son Wynton Marsalis put it this way, back in February: "We want our city. And we don't want it to come back like no Disneyland for adults."
    As for Butler, most political observers had laughed off her candidacy long before the Disney gaffe. It comes on the heels of high-profile scandals and curious public statements, mostly notably when Butler compared herself to Ghandi and Nelson Mandela after being released from jail last month on contempt of court charges.
    It's too soon to tell if she's lost the anti-Disneyland vote.

    Picture: I can't get the picture to work at imageshack for some reason, but Wonkette shows a nice side by side comparison.

    Her Website:

    As if New Orleans didn't have enough problems without people like this running for government.
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    Default Re: New Orleans hopeful fakes photo

    Pic's not working for me.


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