Why am I not surprised:


A Minnesota National Guard Member who spent a year in Iraq says there are many people in the military who think Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld should resign, but do not think they are free to say so.

Brad Diers is even hesitant himself to call for Rumsfeld’s resignation, but his wife is not. She says her husband and others had inferior protection, and Rumsfeld didn’t do anything to help.

“If you make a mistake and especially if you make a mistake involving people's lives, then it's time for you to step out of your position and let some one else try to do better,” says Karma Kumlin-Diers.

Rumsfeld says people often have strong opinions during war.

"That doesn't surprise me at all. In the middle of a war that people are going to disagree with this or have different opinions? We have different opinions inside this building all the time,” he says.