I found this on a political board and thought some of you might enjoy this

I believe anyone who continues to support this administration in light of the facts is clearly addicted to the sensation of Republican testicles slapping their chin.

And how did it come to this? Here is the recipe for the delusion:
The ingredients for Niger Yellow Cake are as follows.

Take one Chimp. Shave the body until it appears almost human.
Remove the spine, the conscience and all credibility.
Add 2 cups of Incompetence.
4 cups of Greed.
A pound of Nepotism.
A pound of Hubris.
2 cups of Spite.
Four pounds of Lies. (Please don't use White Lies. We prefer the darker, richer Damned Lies.)

Now once you mix those into a paste, stir in two pints of concentrated Denial. Bake for around five years.

If your clientele don't like it, explain to them the problem is not your recipe, the problem is their taste. If that doesn't work, just say the whole thing was cooked up by the "Liberal Media." If you're lucky, they'll swallow it.

Hail to the Chef!