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Thread: ‘Mensch’ Dan Adler targets minorities with stereotype-laden ad

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    Cool ‘Mensch’ Dan Adler targets minorities with stereotype-laden ad

    What's the best way to reach out to Asian voters? Tell them you're Jewish so you can relate. Right?

    That's the route Democratic candidate Dan Adler took in his most recent ad for California's 36th District special election. In a heavily staged discussion among constituents at a set suggestive of a Korean-owned dry cleaner, the former Disney executive tells a woman behind the counter--who speaks with a heavy Asian accent--that he can relate to her concerns because "my wife is Korean."

    "You're Jewish," she replies.

    "My family is Jewish."

    "We minorities should stick together," she replies. Adler laughs as a young Asian couple looks on--the man's shirt opens to reveal his Chinese script tattoos.

    "Dan Adler. Send a mensch to Congress!" a multi-racial crowd shouts at the end, noting the Yiddish word for a person of high character. "What's a mensch?" the woman from the dry cleaner asks the camera.

    You can watch the video below:


    But before you get too offended, you should probably realize that's exactly the response that Adler, a former Disney executive, wants.

    Adler appears to be running for "best viral video" for Congress.

    In a commercial released last weekend, Adler's son tells some boys playing basketball while bragging about their fathers, "my dad gets sh*t done."

    And there's the one featuring actress Patty Duke lifting weights as two men in tiny swimwuits look on and flex their muscles. "Dan Adler--he gets sh*t done," she says.

    Adler's even got actor Sean Astin--his campaign manager!--parodying a scene from "Rudy" with Adler in another.

    Adler remains a distinct longshot for the 36th District seat formerly held by Rep. Jane Harman (D), who resigned this year. He's one of 16 candidates who qualified for the May 17 primary ballot.

    Adler's April campaign finance report showed he raised a grand total of $250 for his campaign through March 31.

    ‘Mensch’ Dan Adler targets minorities with stereotype-laden ad - Yahoo! News

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    um, i also think he's pretty hot...
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    I LOLed.
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    Send a 'human being' to congress. Wow, what an innovative slogan.

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