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Thread: Democrats' Plan for Elections: Get Midterm Justin Bieber Fever!

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    Default Democrats' Plan for Elections: Get Midterm Justin Bieber Fever!

    Oh My God....

    Internet-savvy types know that teen heartthrob Justin Bieber pretty much rules the Web. Just last week, rumors spread that Bieber’s fan base was so active on Twitter that the microblogging website has servers dedicated just to him. Twitter didn’t confirm that, but it didn’t deny it, either.

    The takeaway? If you're trying to get a message to go viral, your success rate will surely be higher if you can somehow tie in the Biebs.

    So that’s just what Campus Progress, the college spinoff of the Center for American Progress, decided to do to get people to vote in the midterms.

    The organization is highlighting a submission to its VoteAgain2010 video contest that argues that while Bieber can't vote in our midterms (he's both too young and too Canadian), shouldn't you?

    "This isn't your standard election year video of celebrities asking you to vote," the ad says. "It's us, asking you to vote for celebrities who can't, celebrities like Justin Bieber. Bieber's too young to vote, yet whomever we elect in the 2010 midterm elections will impact his future and ours. ... So tell your parents, your grandparents, your Facebook friends. ... If they won't do it for you, ask them to do it for Bieber."

    "We're trying to leverage Bieber fever," Campus Progress's Sara Haile-Mariam told POLITICO. "Most of his fans are 12 years old — we acknowledge that." Still, they hope that Bieber fans will “tell their parents. ... The hope is to create something that goes viral and gets young people to be aware of the election."

    Of course, Haile-Mariam admits that part of the motivation was less purely political. "We consider ourselves big Bieber fans," she confessed, adding that they hope Bieber will give some link love to their project via his Twitter page (and his more than 5 million followers).

    But what if — gasp! — Bieber could vote and chose to vote ... Republican?!? How would that sit with the progressive group?

    "That would actually be kind of hilarious," said Campus Progress's Katie Andriulli.

    "We would still love Bieber if he was a conservative," said Haile-Mariam. "But he's young ... there's still hope."
    Midterm Bieber fever - PATRICK GAVIN | POLITICO CLICK

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    Not accomplishments or progress.. but fucking Bieber.
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    oh my dear sweet bearded jebus.... what have we come to?
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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    WWBD (what would Bieber do?). That's the strategy???

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