WASHINGTON - Two U.S. troops were shot to death and nine wounded by an Iraqi soldier yesterday in the first deadly attack on Americans since President Obama declared the U.S. combat mission over.

The attacker wore an Iraqi army uniform, U.S. military officials said, and he was later identified by an Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman as Soran Rahman of the Iraqi Army's 4th Division, CNN reported.

Rahman allegedly got into an argument that turned into a fight with U.S. Army troops. The GIs were on security duty for a company commander who was visiting an Iraqi commando base in Salah-ad-Din Province north of Baghdad.

Rahman opened fire, killing and wounding the U.S. troops, and was shot dead by return fire, U.S. officials said.

"This is a tragic and cowardly act, which I firmly believe was an isolated incident and is certainly not reflective of the Iraqi Security Forces in Salah-ad-Din," said Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo, commander of Task Force Marne and the Army's 3rd Infantry Division.

The deadly incident north of Baghdad marked the second time that U.S. forces have been involved in combat since the end of the combat mission. President Obama said on Sept. 1 that the remaining 50,000 troops in Iraq will be limited to training and support missions while having the right to self-defense.

Al Qaeda's Iraqi offshoot, Al Qaeda in Iraq, claimed responsibility for a suicide bomber attack Sunday on an Iraqi army base in Baghdad that U.S. troops helped repel.

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hello, iraqis- didn't you get the memo? we said combat is over.