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Thread: Help End Republican Donation Calls

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    Default Help End Republican Donation Calls

    Recently every time my telephone rings it's someflunky from the GOP wanting to hit me up for either a cash donation or wanting to know if I'm going to vote for their candidate. It's the beginning of the built up to the first Tuesday in November where we'll be voting for governor and assorted other political butt-boy jobs.

    I haven't got a clue how the GOP ended up putting me on their call list considering I'm registed for the national do not call list and I've never been a registered member of the Republican party. The closest I've ever come was several years ago when I did a large free lance assignment for the local head of the GOP.

    The first time they called I snickered and said, "You're kidding, right?" before hanging up. Since then I've discovered they are serious, dead serious, in wanting my vote and moolah

    Anyway, now they have my phone number and they don't seem to get it that I'm not interested. What I need you uber-wits here to do is help me come up with something to tell them when they call that both zings them hard and helps me show them just how much distain I feel for them.

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    I'm sorry, I'm not in the upper 2 percentile in regards to affluence, therefore I don't have a massive tax cut to donate back to the GOP trough. Sorry for being middle class, non-white. Maybe if I work harder I can join you on your lofty pedestals!


    Well, I already donated as much as I could to the local church, because while I'm in favor of living in a theocracy under GOP rule, given the rampant corruption and waste I figured it would be best to see my money go to the local religious establishment where I can see fascist results immediately. Thanks for your call though, and Sieg Bush!
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