Perhaps a nice Easter present for that special someone who has everything??

From NY Post:

JUST when Dick Cheney thought it was safe to rear his "aimless" head, someone goes and immortalizes the veep's quail-hunting mishap in an action figure. yesterday launched a "You Don't Know Dick" doll, complete with shotgun, scowl and "retractable-spike kick shoes" - just like the pair 007 villain Rosa Klebb sported in "From Russia with Love." The tiny Oxford, Conn., company, which specializes in action figures based on real newsmakers, usually responds to headlines by putting dolls in production within 24 hours. "But in this case, we held off until Harry Whittington" - the 78-year-old lawyer pal Cheney shot in the face - "was out of the woods, so to speak," CEO Emil Vicale told The Post's Philip Recchia. Within hours of launching the $29.95 toy, Vicale had orders from as far away as England. Though he wouldn't reveal the British buyer's identity, he did confirm, "It's not Tony Blair."