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Thread: Obama's domestic policy betrayal - a handy list

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    Arrow Obama's domestic policy betrayal - a handy list

    It's the latest installment of the Obama Betrayal List. Today: ECONOMIC & DOMESTIC POLICIES. Yesterday, the man threw most everybody in the country (including himself!) under the bus to kiss up to his new BFF, Scott Brown. Does a year's worth of trsuris over health care reform, which irreparably eroded his authority, yield nothing at all? Stay tuned . . .

    1. Stacking the Dept of Treasury with executives from Goldman-Sachs and Citigroup and Clinton-era "Rubinites". Most egregiously, naming an unqualified 29 year-old to head the SEC's enforcement division.

    2. Shutting out advice from anyone other than a disgraced, sexist Ivy League university president who had been paid millions by a hedge fund and wrecked that university's endowment.

    3. Failing to ensure bankruptcy judges protect victims of home foreclosures ("cramdown").

    4. Continuing to expect financial corporations to "volunteer" to assist distressed homeowners, instead of compelling them to do so, resulting in the miserable failure of the assistance program (235K owners granted trial modificatons, while 2+ million homes went into foreclosure).

    5. By July 09, claiming the admin could not have assessed the full scope of the recession, when a host of significant experts (Krugman, Stiglitz, Roubini, et al) were vocal in calling for more stimulus.

    6. Caving in to the GOP for hundreds of millions of futile tax cuts as part of the Stimulus Package, known in advance to be ineffective.

    7. Dragging feet on EFCA, sending a signal to Congress that delay in passage would be acceptable, mostly to placate a single Republican-turned-Democrat Senator (Specter).

    8. After having said (2003) that he was a "proponent" of single-payer universal health care, abandoning the concept as a "huge disruption" (NM townhall May 09) and a "complete reinvention" of the health care industry.

    9. Placing a hedge-fund operator (aka "asset stripper") in charge of re-structuring the auto industry, with the consequent loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

    10. In response to the right-wing "noise machine", cravenly retracting the DHS report on the rise of right-wing extremism, the truth of which was proven by targeted attacks on law enforcement officers (Pittsburgh), reproductive health care providers (Wichita), and the Holocaust Museum.

    11. Complaining about progressive activists who criticize Dem lawmakers who are opposed to the public option in health care reform.

    12. Allowing HHS Secretary Sebelius to float trial balloons about dropping the public option at a critical juncture in negotiations (summer 09), as well as downplaying the essential nature of the public option in interviews and town halls (a "sliver" of health care reform).

    13. Authorizing Nancy DeParle, West Wing honcho on health reform, to say co-ops would be a "viable option" in the face of overwhelming evidence that they do not save money or drive down costs, and would only enrich private insurance corporations.

    14. Violating campaign promises to conduct health care reform negotiations in full public view ("on C-Span').

    15. Engaging in closed-door deal-making with pharma interests, resulting in a failure to negotiate for bulk purchases and re-importation.

    16. Failing to fund needle exchange programs to alleviate the spread of HIV/AIDS, and deleting this campaign promise from the White House's website when "caught out."

    17. Allowing his advisers, cravenly anonymous, to denigrate the majority of his supporters as "the left of the left."

    18. Continuing to let Tom Daschle, disgraced tax-dodger and corporate lobbyist, to shape health care reform.

    19. Endorsing a Bush Admin decision to allow wolf kills, removing wolves from the Endangered Species List, elevating conservative ranchers' interests above Obama-voting environmentalists.

    20. Greenlighting EPA's approval of 42 mountaintop removal permits, giving the coal industry a victory and endangering the public health and the environment.

    21. Refusing to agree to a European-endorsed international financial transaction tax to rein in big banks.

    22. Smacking down AFSCME for advocating real structural health care reforms.

    23. Failing, at a critical juncture in summer 09, to lead the health care reform effort to insist on a public option. Failing to strongly, unequivocally advocate for the PO to counter townhall/"tea party" liars.

    24. Ending such pure-Keynsian stimulus programs as "Cash for Clunkers" too early, and grossly mismanaging it to alienate Main Street car dealers.

    25. Nominating Judd Greeg to head the Commerce Dept in one of many futile gestures at "bipartisanship."

    26. Caving in to Joe "You Lie!" Wilson by proposing to bar undocumented workers from purchasing health insurance coverage through marketplace exchanges, with their own money.

    27. Caving in to Catholic bishops, Operation Rescue terrorists, and their ilk by acquiescing in barring women from receiving abortion services in any and all publicly-supported insurance plans and exchanges.

    28. Caving in to the right-wing "noise machine" (especially Fox News) by unconstitutionally severing ties, along with Congress, to community organizers at ACORN participating in managing the 2010 Census.

    29. Pressuring the FDA to claim, speciously, that drug re-importation is a danger to the public health.

    30. Failing to disclose paid relationship with an MIT economics professor who was tasked with providing an info "feedback loop" on the value of taxing so-called "Cadillac" health plans enjoyed as a benefit by organized labor.

    31. Lying about Tim Geithner's involvement in suppressing info about the AIG bailout in Fall 08.

    32. Reneging on re-negotiating NAFTA on terms more favorable to US workers.

    33. Shamelessly prevaricating on the public option in health reform, stating he did not campaign on it, when he did (with abundant videotape evidence).


    - brought to you by internet commentator and political haiku master, KarenMrsLloydRichards
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    An All About Eve reference in a political column. Awesome.

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    He at least is cute. The Prime Minister of Canada looks like a dork. Suffer!!
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    I'll have you know our prime minister looks like an evil kiddie touching android.

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