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Thread: Gov. Mark Sanford impeachment trail begins

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    Default Gov. Mark Sanford impeachment trail begins

    Associated Press

    COLUMBIA, S.C. -- South Carolina legislators upset with Gov. Mark Sanford's summer disappearance to see his lover in Argentina held their first hearing on a measure that ultimately could remove him from office.
    Seven House Judiciary Committee lawmakers discussed for an hour Tuesday how they would proceed with hearings over Mr. Sanford's five-day absence in June and failure to put someone in charge of the state while he was gone.

    Lawmakers talked about whether Mr. Sanford had abandoned the state and if they would call witnesses to testify. The panel also set four hearings to discuss dozens of ethics charges the governor faces.
    The Republican faces new ethics charges about his travel and campaign finances. But this week's debate is focused solely on the contention Mr. Sanford was derelict in his duty and wrong to mislead staffers into thinking he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. If approved by the panel, the impeachment measure would face another vote by the Judiciary Committee before it could be considered by the full House.
    The civil charges, which carry a maximum $74,000 in fines, stem from a three-month investigation by the state ethics commission and could be pivotal in a push to remove him from office. The state attorney general is deciding whether the governor would face any criminal charges.
    The allegations include 18 instances in which Mr. Sanford is accused of improperly buying first- and business-class airline tickets, violating state law requiring lowest-cost travel; nine times of improperly using state-owned aircraft for travel to political and personal events, including a stop at a discount hair salon; and 10 times he improperly reimbursed himself with campaign cash.
    Mr. Sanford's attorney on Monday characterized the allegations levied by the panel as "technical questions."
    "We are confident that we will be able to address each of these questions, none of which constitutes findings of guilt and none of which we believe rise anywhere near to the traditional standard of impeachment," lawyer Butch Bowers said.
    The Republican governor has been under scrutiny since he vanished for five days over the summer, reappearing to tearfully admit to an extramarital affair with a woman in Argentina he later called his "soul mate."
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    South Carolina Legislators Begin Sanford Impeachment Hearings -
    "technical questions." It's not good when your lawyer has no defense already in place.
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    When did using taxpayer money & abandoning your state to screw your mistress' 'old Appalachian Trail' become 'technical questions?'

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    The charges should be criminal,IMO.
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