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Thread: Palin agonistes

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    Default Palin agonistes

    Palin agonistes

    By Howard Kurtz
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, November 13, 2009 10:06 AM

    You have to feel a twinge of sympathy for Sarah Palin.

    Whatever her mistakes, she goes through a vice-presidential campaign where she gets absolutely battered, and then winds up in debt.

    It's right here in her book:

    "What appeared to upset her most. . . . was that about $50,000 of the legal bills was her share of the expenses for being vetted for the VP nod, Palin writes. She said no one had ever informed her that she would have to personally take care of any expenses related to the selection process."

    Wait -- what's that? McCain campaign officials say it's not true?

    Here we go again. It's like when she kept insisting she turned down the money for the Bridge to Nowhere.

    Funny, because I never heard of a nominee having to pay for his or her own vetting.

    But from the advance copy of "Going Rogue" obtained by the AP, it does sound like the ex-governor of Alaska had her frustrations during the campaign.

    "Palin shares behind-the-scene moments when the nation learned her teen daughter Bristol was pregnant, how she rewrote the statement prepared for her by the McCain campaign -- only to watch in horror as a TV news anchor read the original McCain camp statement, which, in Palin's view, glamorized and endorsed her daughter's situation."

    My favorite excerpt so far involves the Katie Couric interview. I don't see any conceivable interpretation other than Palin blew it. She refused to name a newspaper or magazine she reads, she couldn't name a Supreme Court ruling other than Roe, and generally came off looking uninformed.

    So who does Palin blame?

    "She says that the idea to meet with Couric came from McCain campaign aide Nicolle Wallace, who told Palin that Couric -- also a working mother -- liked and admired her. It would be a favor to Couric, too, whom Palin notes had the lowest ratings of the network anchors.

    "She alleges that Couric and CBS left out her more 'substantive' remarks and settled for 'gotcha' moments, and that Couric had a 'partisan agenda' and a condescending manner. Couric was 'badgering,' biased and far easier on Palin's Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden."

    You've all seen the tape. I don't think "badgering" is the word that comes to mind.

    Now Palin will spend weeks with Oprah, Barbara Walters and other media icons to complain that the media were unfair to her -- and undoubtedly sell a ton of books in the process. Only in America. - nation, world, technology and Washington area news and headlines
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    Long story short, Palin is a 'victim' of the McCain campaign and the liberal gotcha media.

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    I long for her to be the victim of a savage moose attack.
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    yeah, "what newspapers do you read?" is a real 'gotcha' question.

    Fucking retard.
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    She alleges that Couric and CBS left out her more 'substantive' remarks and settled for 'gotcha' moments
    Quick! Someone give me an example of any sort of "substantive" remark that you've ever heard emerge from the pitbull lips of Sarah Palin.

    Uh, there was that one.... no, but that thing she said... uh, nope that wasn't it... oh wait! That debate with Biden! "Can I call ya Joe?" That's it!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    I long for her to be the victim of a savage moose attack.
    Right after she's the victim of a Levi tell-all book.

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