Sieg Heil. Even congress can't launch an investigation into a government program anymore.

What was that about unitary executive power? Why are the neocons silent in here?

White House to stop Congress from investigating domestic dpying issue
by Joe in DC - 2/15/2006 07:17:00 AM

The White House may be on the verge of preventing any investigation by Congress in to the domestic spying scandal:

[i]Congress appeared ready to launch an investigation into the Bush administration's warrantless domestic surveillance program last week, but an all-out White House lobbying campaign has dramatically slowed the effort and may kill it, key Republican and Democratic sources said yesterday.

The Senate intelligence committee is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a Democratic-sponsored motion to start an inquiry into the recently revealed program in which the National Security Agency eavesdrops on an undisclosed number of phone calls and e-mails involving U.S. residents without obtaining warrants from a secret court. Two committee Democrats said the panel -- made up of eight Republicans and seven Democrats -- was clearly leaning in favor of the motion last week but now is closely divided and possibly inclined against it.[i]

The GOP has completely diminished the power of Congress. They are making Bush a dictator. It's pathetic.