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Thread: Media heckled at "Values Voter" summit

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    Default Media heckled at "Values Voter" summit

    Both MSNBC & Fox got the wacko treatment:
    MSNBC Reporter Heckled At Values Voter Summit

    Rachel Slajda | September 18, 2009, 3:49PM

    While reporting this afternoon from the floor of the Values Voter Summit, MSNBC reporter Brian Mooar was heckled by several audience members who said he was being rude and disrespectful.

    Mooar was giving a live broadcast as Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO) was speaking to a crowd of about 2,000. A woman in white gets up and yells something at him, which is inaudible.

    "Somebody here is not liking what we're talking about," Mooar said as he was about to sign off.

    Then, a man came up to him. "You're being rude," he said.

    Mooar countered: "We were invited guests."

    "Too bad," the audience member said. "You're being rude."
    Then another man came over.

    "Would you mind? This is about the rudest thing you can do," he said, trying to take Mooar's microphone. "You are rude to do this in front of the public."

    At that point several security guards came over and escorted the man out, but left the woman, who continued asking Mooar to leave. "I came here to listen, not to be disrupted," she said.

    Even after someone was escorted out, another angry attendee came up and said something to Mooar that the mic didn't pick up.

    The summit officials "didn't organize it very well," said anchor Norah O'Donnell, "because they didn't seem to put the press in a way that you could do reporting on what's going on and not be harassed."

    Late Update
    : MSNBC reports that Mooar received a personal apology from Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, the organization behind the summit. Perkins also said there would be an announcement made telling the audience to be respectful of the press.

    Late late update
    : Yes, Fox was heckled too, to a somewhat creepier extent. Watch:
    MSNBC Reporter Heckled At Values Voter Summit | LiveWire

    What will the nutjobs do next?

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    brownshirts don't like their hatefests being reported on.

    Look at all those old white fucks dreaming up new ways to interfere with other people's lives.
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    I love how the people disrupting the LIVE newscasts are lecturing reporters on being rude. But I like how the woman disrupting the MSNBC reporter kept looking into the camera.

    And, for a second, I thought the last man that came up to the MSNBC reporter was going to hit him.

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    This was totally weird. Why didn't those nut jobs just move closer to the stage.
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    My one and only time to defend these crazies: the media really shouldn't have been set up there. Norah O'Donnell was right- this was really poorly set up. Usually the media is set up to do live feeds when everyone is mingling, not when there are speakers. And if they do film while someone is speaking, they are out of range of the attendees. Its really annoying to be near a reporter doing a live report- the camera lights are crazy bright, and the reporters talk in this loud, exaggerated voice.

    And I totally couldn't tell the difference between all those old white guys that came up to the various reporters. That was kinda creepy- I know it was a different guy each time, but it looked like the same guy over and over.

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    Perhaps. But that's where the conference organizers put them.

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