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Thread: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at the White House

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    Default Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at the White House

    J.LO Spotted at the White House

    Pop goddess Jennifer Lopez just took a tour through the White House, our Ken Bazinet reports. J.Lo was spotted in the West Wing with an entourage bigger than President Obama's Secret Service detail. She apparently got the VIP tour, then crossed through the Rose Garden to the first family's private residence.

    No word on whether she tried to offer the President any advice, but a spokesman confirmed Obama saw both J.Lo and hubby Marc Anthony briefly while they came through.

    Later in the afternoon, super power couple Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez made an appearance in the Speaker's balcony to promote Hispanic Heritage Month as well as education initiatives for Latino children. Pelosi said the appearance by the stars was "thrilling because they are so loved by the young people in America." The Speaker continued that "We are pleased that the came the same day that in the House we are debating a bill on higher education." The Speaker then even threw in her antidote as to why she had a personal connection to the stars claiming her grandchildren always sing Anthony's hit "Tell me baby girl because I need to know."

    Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) heaped praise on the duo saying, "Most importantly they provide opportunity for our kids in school, this is why we are so grateful to them." An emotional Anthony, dressed in green madras pants, said thank you to the Speaker and pointing to the representatives said "We all started as dreamers and never took no as an option."

    Lopez did not answer questions or give a statement.

    Celebs and Cong. Dems: Only in DC - First Read -

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    Power couple? WTF?

    Another strike for the Obama administration, lol.

    NO CELEB VIP's in the White House, POR FAVOR.

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    Eh. They're in. They're out.


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    she looks nice. i'll give her that.
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    As long as J-Lo isn't getting a Cabinet position or blowing Obama, I don't care if she stops by the W.H.

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    Offtopic: I loooove J.Lo's dress

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