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Thread: 'Good faith' repug Obama was wooing on healthcare comes out against ANY public option

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    Angry 'Good faith' repug Obama was wooing on healthcare comes out against ANY public option

    On Wednesday afternoon, Olympia Snowe told MSNBC's David Shuster and Tamron Hall that she has personally asked President Obama to remove any mentions of the public option from his speech to Congress.

    Snowe said she wanted the president to take the public option "off the table" because doing so "would allay the concerns of so many of whether or not there's a government takeover." Snowe added, "The point is, I don't support a public option, and none of my Republican colleagues do."

    (Snowe echoed her comments to MSNBC in an interview with CNN's Dana Bash.)

    So here's the question: how in the world can Olympia Snowe be negotiating in good faith if she is demanding that the public option be taken off the table while simultaneously peddling false taking points about a government takeover of health care?

    Snowe claims that she supports a "trigger," but when she says that she is absolutely against the public option, why in the world should we believe that she would ever agree to a trigger that could actually lead to a public option?

    Moreover, in the unlikely event that Snowe would actually accept a trigger with teeth, it's still not a good idea. The reason we're having this debate in the first place is that the health insurance industry is already doing a bad job. The metaphorical trigger was pulled a long time ago.

    That's why most Americans want to see health care reform, and they want it to include a public option. It's up to Congress to deliver, and it should be obvious that Olympia Snowe isn't interested in playing a helpful role in that effort.

    Daily Kos: Snowe takes hard line against public option

    fucking idiot.
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    Olympia Snowe has always been an solid senator that votes down the middle, an old fashioned New England republican, not one of the kooks running the party into the ground. I have no doubt that it's still an open ended issue with her. I'll wait and see what she does, both her and Collins.
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    I DO NOT care what the hell her Republican colleagues think or support. They are the minority and with good reason. Stop fucking pandering to the goddamn minority (who have made no compromises and no concessions) and shove the goddamn bill with a public option down their throats already. Jesus, we're just going to end up with the "death squads" (aka publicly traded insurance companies - thanks we alread have people deciding to kill off granny, oh wait, we don't because of MEDICARE, it's just the rest of us that have a mindless drone deciding whether a medical treatment meet the cost/benefit analysis quotient) making more profits while simultaneously raising premiums. Yippee.
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