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Thread: Bizarre SarahPac (Sarah Palin) 4th of July video!

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    Default Bizarre SarahPac (Sarah Palin) 4th of July video!

    [youtube]lbotuuMVgbo[/youtube]YouTube - Sarah Palin Independence Day

    I can't find it on the SarahPac official website, but the info on YouTube says to celebrate our independence.

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    Wow... what a load!

    I don''t know if she really fucked the board though. Maybe just put the tip in. -Mrs. Dark

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    My lord-that crosses every line possible. Her make-up is better than Obama-that is ALL.
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    WTH was that? Incoherent message, amateur presentation. Much like Palin herself.

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    I'm at a loss for words. I don't even understand what point that was trying to make? We need Sarah Palin because she always keeps her lipstick fresh when dressing up in flight suits? A big ape (King Kong, and, I assume by extension, Obama) is threatening NYC in airplanes?

    No wonder Meg Stapleton's ass is on the line.

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    Utter poo. They've got a few Sarah supporters on youtube judging by the voting. I'm going to do my part to try to fix the votes. I need a few more accounts.
    "But I am very poorly today & very stupid & I hate everybody & everything." -- Charles Darwin

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