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Thread: Pssst. Don't tell anyone that Michael Savage is connected to Rockstar Energy Drink.

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    Default Pssst. Don't tell anyone that Michael Savage is connected to Rockstar Energy Drink.

    Rockstar Energy Drink Doesn't Want Consumers To Know About Connection To Shock Jock Michael Savage

    By Chris Walters,
    6:12 PM on Mon Jun 8 2009,

    Did you know ultra-conservative talk radio guy Michael Savage has intimate family connections to Rockstar Energy Drink? If lawyers for the company have their way, you wouldn't, because over the past week they've started going after people who have publicized the connection. They managed to get one guy's "Boycott Rockstar" facebook account closed without warning, and threatened him with a business libel lawsuit if he didn't publicly apologize. A gay news website,, has had to publish a partial retraction. None of this changes the fact that Michael Savage's son is listed as the founder and CEO of Rockstar, or that Michael Savage's wife is listed as the director, treasurer, and secretary of both Rockstar and Savage Productions. Or that both companies share the same address.

    For those who don't know who he is, Michael Savage—whose real last name is Weiner—is a shock jock who likes to make outrageous statements about, among other things, gays and immigrants. Specifically, he doesn't like either of those groups, and occasionally pops up in the media for (real examples) telling a gay caller to get AIDS and die and calling for the banning of all Muslim immigration to the U.S. He's also a bestselling writer who's written several books on herbalism and homeopathy, which is certainly in the same sphere of expertise as formulating an herb-laden energy drink. Who knows, maybe his son read his dad's books in private.

    We're not calling for a boycott of Rockstar Energy Drink—personally, I think Savage is a giant colostomy bag of a man, but I don't buy energy drinks in the first place—but we think companies owe their consumers a fair amount of transparency when it comes to who's behind a product, or where the profits are going. Imagine buying your favorite ketchup and assuming it's politically meaningless, and then finding out Michael Moore rakes in cash from it. Yes, Michael Moore. How's that ketchup taste now?

    Anyway, so now you know. Michael Savage officially has nothing to do with Rockstar Energy Drink. His son, his wife, and his address are all participants, however.

    Update: Seriously, some of you guys see anything political as an opportunity to haul out the partisan make-up kits and clown yourselves up. This is important to consumers because of the political views involved, sure, but there's a bigger issue, which I made explicit above: transparency is necessary. It's unfair to hide political affiliations from consumers when the product is something that otherwise would appear politically inert. It doesn't matter where it falls in the spectrum of political discourse.

    If knowing that Michael Savage may have something to do with Rockstar Energy Drink makes you want to buy it more, congratulations. You're now an informed consumer and making a choice in full view of the relevant details, which is far more important to me than the deliberately provocative statements of a radio personality.
    "Don't Drink Hate. BOYCOTT ROCKSTAR* my apology" [Facebook] (Thanks to Kim!)
    "Rockstar Demands Retraction from Gaywired" []

    Source: Consumerist - Rockstar Energy Drink Doesn't Want Consumers To Know About Connection To Shock Jock Michael Savage - Rockstar

    Here is the full text of the facebook group before it was vandalized:
    Hi all,
    As the creator of the original "Don't Drink Hate. BOYCOTT ROCKSTAR" group, I've created this group to publish a public apology and retraction as forced by the law firm representing ROCKSTAR*.
    But before I do, let me explain what led to this.
    One month ago, my friend showed me a little article filled with quotations from Michael Savage Weiner and his son Russell Weiner. I was utterly disgusted. Then I read that Russell Weiner was the CEO of Rockstar* and his mom Janet Weiner was CFO . After more readings, I made a PERSONAL CHOICE to BOYCOTT all ROCKSTAR* products.
    I made a group to let others know and be able to make a similar choice if they wanted; the group was formed and it quickly grew to over 12,000 members. In it, we put together a list of quotations from Michael Savage Weiner as well as his son that we strongly did not agree with.
    We also put commonly known information such as the fact that they co-founded the extremely conservative Paul Revere society, which openly calls for actions such as “Eliminate bilingual education in all states" and "Traditional Marriage." More easily proven information was included as well.
    Then, on May 27th, I woke up unable to log into my personal Facebook account. It was disabled. This is my new account; I lost all my photos, friends and priceless memories. I sent multiple e-mails to Facebook without any response. And then upon inquiring, I found out that the facebook group was suddenly taken down without my or any of the administrators' knowledge (As an update, as of yesterday, after my friend's hard work with connections at Facebook they suddenly reinstated my old account. However, as happy as I am, I find this very troubling on many levels in terms, especially because I still have not yet received a satisfactory explanation.)
    A few days later, I received a lawsuit threat from the law offices of Glaser, Weil, Fink, Jacobs, Howard & Shapiro, LLP -- Robert Shapiro was one of the attorneys who successfully defended OJ Simpson.
    I researched, and apparently other individuals -- primarily bloggers and reporters (e.g. SF Examiner's Kelvin,, had received threats of legal action as well.
    Now here I am.
    And I've been forced to make this apology.
    I've been forced to make "an immediate public retraction..." and "apologize for the business libel you committed against ROCKSTAR."
    I've been "advised that ROCKSTAR will pursue all necessary legal action to redress the violations of its rights, including, without limitation, an action for general, special and exemplary damages and equitable relief."
    To THE ATTN OF: ROCKSTAR* / Glaser, Weil, Fink, Jacobs, Howard & Shapiro, LLP
    Let this group and this statement stand as evidence of an apology. As Facebook disabled the original group without my knowledge, I suggest you contact them if you want me to be able to message all the members of the original group:
    I, Charles C. C. Tsai, hereby apologize for the alleged business libel that I committed against ROCKSTAR* and publicly retract, through Facebook's own unexplained deletion, the statements from the original Facebook group.
    Now, I personally also apologize for the following:
    I apologize for having an opinion.
    I apologize that I created a group as a means to explore my FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
    I apologize that the over 12,000+ individuals in that group were SILENCED WITHOUT EXPLANATION.
    I apologize for STANDING UP for my communities and the communities that I consider myself an ally to.
    I apologize for being DISGUSTED by the statements, beliefs, thoughts and actions of two INDIVIDUALS: ROCKSTAR* CEO Russell Weiner and his father, Michael Savage Weiner. Let me repeat, two INDIVIDUALS.
    I apologize that you feel the need to THREATEN and SILENCE individuals & organizations that you know are POWERLESS in comparison to your various forms of capital.
    I apologize that you seem to be confused by the semantics of the word "co-founder" in the sense that Michael Savage Weiner and his wife Janet Weiner IRREFUTABLY CO-CREATED / CO-INVENTED / CO-FOUNDED the ROCKSTAR drink alongside current CEO RUSSELL WEINER.
    From ROCKSTAR*'s OWN archived WEBSITE:
    "I was very fortunate to have been raised by two of the leading herbalists in the world, Dr. and Mrs. MICHAEL WEINER, Ph.D. ... From my earliest walking days, I remember exploring the jungles of the South Pacific on expeditions WITH MY PARENTS. ... MY FAMILY HAS taken that spirit and experience - their lifetime journey - and DEVELOPED the most complete, most unique, most powerful, and most honest energy beverage ever created: ROCKSTAR." - CEO RUSSELL GOLDENCLOUD WEINER
    After reading the above, I apologize that you, Michael Weiner Savage, feel the need to LIE, as you told the SF Chronicle in May 2009 that "I had NOTHING to do with the founding or CREATION of Rockstar."
    I apologize that legal threats WILL NOT FORCE me into SUBMISSION.
    I apologize that I will not be silenced.
    I apologize that the incredibly smart, strong willed and amazing individuals and communities that dislike your CEO Russell Weiner, his dad Michael Savage Weiner and his mom CFO Janet Weiner will NOT go quietly into the night and will too NOT BE SILENCED.
    I apologize that I will, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, continue to BOYCOTT ROCKSTAR* as it is MY OWN PERSONAL CHOICE TO DO SO.
    And, lastly, I apologize for any additional semantically puzzling words this note may have presented. Please realize that I have sensitively taken this into consideration through capitalization and repetition.
    Yours truly,
    Charles C. C. Tsai
    For more information to further understand the context of this apology:
    "the truth about rockstar" The Truth About Rockstar Energy Drink: Hate | Racism | Anti-Gay/Lesbian
    "official rockstar website" Rockstar Energy Drink
    "michael savage banned from britain" - huffington post Michael Savage Banned From Entering UK: Country Publishes List Of People Not Allowed
    "the guardian on michael savage" - the guardian Michael Savage, this is a taste of your own medicine | Politics |
    "dear rockstar, please don't sue us" - what is queer and asian: wiqaablog: dear rockstar, please don't sue us
    "Rockstar Demands Retraction from Gaywired" - Rockstar Demands Retraction from Gaywired
    "Newsom to return $25,000 contribution from Savage's Son" - SFGate Blog SFGate: Politics Blog : Newsom to return $25,000 contribution from Savage's son
    DISCLAIMER: This group is in no way, shape or form calling for a boycott on ROCKSTAR, the original group name is being used for identification purposes only. The ROCKSTAR trade name, company, its employees and beyond are not affiliated with this group. Everything said/written is either my OPINION or straight quotations from other individuals apart of, represent, or are family members to the CEO of ROCKSTAR.
    PS Dear Facebook, NOTHING in this group violates your Terms of Use. Please DO NOT DELETE this group and/or DISABLE my PERSONAL FACEBOOK account AGAIN. There are NO photos containing drug use, nudity, or other graphic or sexually suggestive content are not allowed on the site, nor are photos that depict violence or that attack an individual or group. Please do not CENSOR, especially when nothing here violates your terms of agreement. I am only using the ROCKSTAR* trade name as a means to apologize to its legal firm that has demanded me to do so ON FACEBOOK. There IS A DISCLAIMER as well for this group, see above. If you delete this group, you will have violated your own terms of agreement and believe me, though I don't have the money to, I will find a way to take legal action (just like ROCKSTAR probably did).
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    If they think it would hurt sales for people to know it's owned by Savage's family, they should have thought of the ramifications of his hate speech on his family before he ever opened his mouth on the air. Now he has to live with that little thing called consequences. I'm sure he can give his son some of his own fortune to pay back ruining any of his business chances. I guess all those minorities are good enough for energy drink sales, but not good enough to be treated as human beings.

    But now that I know who owns it, I now understand way the ingredients are so foul.
    "Just because I walked into a turd supermarket doesn't mean I have to buy anything." - John Oliver

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