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Thread: New York moves closer to same-sex marriage

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    Thumbs up New York moves closer to same-sex marriage

    New York moves closer to same-sex marriage -

    NEW YORK (CNN) -- The New York State Assembly passed a same-sex marriage bill Tuesday evening, bringing New York one step closer to legalizing such marriages.

    Gov. David Paterson has said he'd sign a same-sex if it's passed by the New York Senate.

    The bill, which passed 89-52, will now go on to the state Senate for a vote. If it is passed there, it will go to Gov. David Paterson, who has made it clear he will sign the bill.

    "I applaud ... members of both parties for moving this historic legislation forward," New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement released by the mayor's office.

    "I hope New York will soon become the latest state to adopt a law whose time has come."

    State Sen. Thomas K. Duane, a Democrat, said in a statement, "I am confident that this year my Senate will uphold this fundamental legal principle and vote for my right, our right, to be married this year."
    Don't MissThis is the second time New York's Marriage Equality Legislation has been approved by the State Assembly -- it passed in 2007, but subsequently stalled in the then Republican-controlled Senate.
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    the tide rolls on!
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    About time, too. And you wont see loads of Fundies up in arms. We turn them back at the state line ;-P

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    Been a LOT of commercials on TV for it---in support of it.

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    How cool

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    Whip Count: Gay Marraige Faces Uphill Odds in New York Senate

    by Nate Silver @ 8:43 PM

    Although New York's State Assembly today approved a bill to legalize gay marriage by a 89-52 margin, the measure faces longer odds in the State Senate, where Democrats hold a slim 32-30 majority and where several prominent Democrats are likely to oppose the measure.

    Governor David Paterson's bill requires 32 votes to pass -- a 31-31 tie would ordinarily be broken by New York's Lieutenant Governor, but New York does not currently have a Lieutenant Governor because Paterson ascended from that position to replace Elliot Spitzer.

    The bill, S.4401, has 19 sponsors, all Democrats. A 20th Democrat, Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, is also committed to supporting the measure.

    Beyond that, however, things get a bit dicey for the Democrats. Based on recent public statements and press accounts, we count 5 Democrats -- Shirley Huntley of Queens and George Onorato of Queens, Ruben Diaz of the Bronx, Darrel Aubertine of Cape Vincent, and William Stachowski of Buffalo -- as definitively being opposed to the measure. We also count 7 Democrats as undecided, one of whom -- David Valesky of Oneida -- we characterize as leaning toward a no vote.

    On the other hand, while no Republican has publicly come out in favor of the bill, we have 9 Republicans who we characterize as undecided (although several are thought to be leaning no). A majority of these Republicans are from Long Island, a swing region in New York state politics.

    The most plausible path to 32 votes involves picking up the 20 definite yes votes, plus the 5 Democrats and 7 Republicans that we characterize as truly undecided or leaning yes. Although a clean sweep of these votes would seem unlikely, there are some backup options in the form of 1 Democrat and 4 Republicans who we describe as leaning -- but not definitively -- against the bill. (Note: we characterize Republicans who sponsored S.2056, a 2006 bill that sought to ban gay marriage in New York state, as definite 'no' votes unless there is more recent information to suggest they have moderated their position).

    Democrats may take some solace in the fact that, when gay marriage bills were approved by legislatures in states like Maine and Vermont, they tended to pass with slightly more votes than anticipated. Still, based on the most recently available information, I would guess that their odds of securing 32 votes are not better than about one in three.

    Our 'whip count' of the 62 State Senators follows below.

    YES (20)
    7. Craig Johnson, D-Long Island (Port Washington) S.4401 sponsor
    14. Malcolm Smith, D-NYC (St. Albans) link
    16. Toby Ann Stavisky, D-NYC (Flushing) S.4401 sponsor
    17. Martin Malave Dilan, D-NYC (Bushwick) S.4401 sponsor
    18. Velmanette Montgomery, D-NYC (Brooklyn) S.4401 sponsor
    20. Eric Adams, D-NYC (Brooklyn) S.4401 sponsor
    21. Kevin Parker, D-NYC (Brooklyn) S.4401 sponsor
    23. Diane Savino, D-NYC (Staten Island) S.4401 sponsor
    25. Dan Squadron, D-NYC (Brooklyn) S.4401 sponsor
    26. Liz Krueger, D-NYC (New York) S.4401 sponsor
    28. Jose M. Serrano, D-NYC (Spanish Harlem) S.4401 sponsor
    29. Thomas Duane, D-NYC (New York) S.4401 sponsor
    30. Bill Perkins, D-NYC (Harlem) S.4401 sponsor
    31. Eric Schneiderman, D-NYC (Washington Heights) S.4401 sponsor
    33. Pedro Espada, D-NYC (Bedford Park) S.4401 sponsor
    34. Jeffrey Klein, D-NYC (Throgs Neck) S.4401 sponsor
    35. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D-Westchester (Yonkers) S.4401 sponsor
    37. Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Westchester (Mamaroneck) S.4401 sponsor
    46. Neil Breslin, D-Upstate (Albany) S.4401 sponsor
    60. Antoine Thompson, D-Upstate (Buffalo) S.4401 sponsor

    55. James Alesi, R-Upstate (East Rochester) link

    1. Kenneth LaValle, R-Long Island (Port Jefferson) link
    2. John J. Flanagan, R-Long Island (East Northport) link
    3. Brian X. Foley, D-Long Island (Blue Point) link
    4. Owen H. Johnson, R-Long Island (West Babylon) link
    8. Charles Fuschillo, R-Long Island (Merrick) link
    13. Hiram Monserrate, D-NYC (Jackson Heights) link
    15. Joseph Addabbo, Jr., D-NYC (Ozone Park) link
    19. John Sampson, D-NYC (Brooklyn) link
    27. Carl Kruger, D-NYC (Brooklyn) link
    36. Ruth Hassell-Thompson, D-Westchester (Williamsbridge) link
    40. Vincent Leibell, R-Westchester (Patterson) link

    6. Kemp Hannon, R-Long Island (Garden City) link
    24. Andrew Lanza, R-NYC (Staten Island) link
    45. Betty Little, R-Upstate (Queensbury) (conflicting reports suggest opposition and that she's 'within reach')
    49. David Valesky, D-Upstate (Oneida) (officially undecided; constituent e-mail hints at opposition)
    57. Catharine Young, R-Upstate (Olean) link

    NO (25)
    5. Carl Marcellino, R-Long Island (Syosset) link
    9. Dean Skelos, R-Long Island (Rockville Centre) link
    10. Shirley Huntley, D-NYC (Jamaica) link
    11. Frank Padavan, R-NYC (Bellerose) S.2056 sponsor
    12. George Onorato, D-NYC (Astoria) link
    22. Martin Golden, R-NYC (Bay Ridge) S.2056 sponsor
    32. Rubén Díaz, D-NYC (Soundview) link
    38. Thomas Morahan, R-Westchester (Clarkstown) link
    39. Bill Larkin, R-Westchester (New Windsor) S.2056 sponsor
    41. Stephen Saland, R-Westchester (Poughkeepsie) link
    42. John Bonacic, R-Westchester (Mount Hope) S.2056 sponsor
    43. Roy McDonald, R-Upstate (Wilton) link
    44. Hugh Farley, R-Upstate (Schenectady) S.2056 sponsor
    47. Joseph Griffo, R-Upstate (Rome) link
    48. Darrel Aubertine, D-Upstate (Cape Vincent) link
    50. John DeFrancisco, R-Upstate (Syracuse) S.2056 sponsor
    51. James Seward, R-Upstate (Milford) S.2056 sponsor
    52. Thomas W. Libous, R-Upstate (Binghamton) S.2056 sponsor
    53. George H. Winner, Jr., R-Upstate (Elmira) link
    54. Michael Nozzolio, R-Upstate (Fayette) S.2056 sponsor
    56. Joseph Robach, R-Upstate (Greece) link
    58. William Stachowski, D-Upstate (Hamburg) link
    59. Dale Volker, R-Upstate (Depew) S.2056 sponsor
    61. Michael Ranzenhofer, R-Upstate (Clarence) link
    62. George Maziarz, R-Upstate (Newfane) S.2056 sponsor
    FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Whip Count: Gay Marraige Faces Uphill Odds in New York Senate

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    fucking republicans
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    One by one. Mississippi will be the last,but it will happen. In our lifetime!
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    It will come. I think the Supreme Court will rule in favor of it many years down the line, thus forcing the hold out states to get with the times.

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    LOL @ all the 0 Ys from the Republicans.

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