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Thread: Sarah Palin cancels date with dog barbecuer

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    Default Sarah Palin cancels date with dog barbecuer

    Palin Cancels Friday Night Date with Dog Barbecueing Jew Counter. (God, I wish I were lying . . .)

    You know….sometimes when I type headlines, I really really wish they weren’t true. I cannot emphasize enough how much that is the case in this instance. No matter how much I bang my head on the desk, this guy just won’t go away.

    First let me start with a disclaimer.

    Perhaps I should have said “former dog barbecueing jew counter” because those things happened a long time ago. So, you know… if you’re inclined, you can just move beyond that fact and let bygones be bygones. Hey, we all did crazy stuff in our youth. I’m sure there are many former dog barbecuing jew counters who have gone on to become totally different people….like big-wig Republican fundraisers, for instance.

    Governor Palin has cancelled a trip to the East Coast this weekend. She did this in order to survey the damage from the horrendous flooding on the Yukon River, which seems very….I don’t know…. actually governor-like. I’m kind of impressed.

    So, we know that Governor Palin bowed out of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s event this afternoon. And we know that she bowed out of the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner scheduled for tomorrow night. But that leaves a governor with a big empty hole in her schedule. Sitting in a hotel room on a Friday night in Washington D.C.? Say it ain’t so!

    Well don’t fear she would have been ordering room service and watching a movie all by her lonesome. If you thought it was a bit odd that Palin would make a completely non-partisan trip anywhere, allow me to put your world back into place.

    The former Republican presidential [sic] candidate has also pulled out of co-hosting a Friday night dinner for the Republican Governors Association with South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. The dinner is a thank you to donors who have contributed at least $25,000 to the group. The dinner for 50 will be held at the Virginia home of Fred Malek, a major Republican fundraiser.

    Nick Ayers, executive director of the RGA, told CNN the event was a “hot ticket” in part because of Palin’s involvement and he’s now searching for a new co-host with Sanford.

    Ahhhhh. She was scheduled to re-hobnob with her date to the Alfalfa Club Dinner The Mudflats » Sarah Palin and the Alfalfa Club., Mr. Fred “Don’t worry I’ll find all the Jews, Mr. Nixon” McCain campaign hired "Jew-counter" Fred Malek - will Politico cite "McCain's Jewish problem"? | Media Matters for America and “Oh yeah, I barbecued a dog in college” The G Spot: Fred Malek: Jew counter. Dog barbecuer.Malek. There are no words… but feel free to wake me up at any time.

    She was supposed to be a little thank you present to all the big league GOP donors. That’s OK. I’m sure they’ll be just as happy to bask in the “hot ticket” rosy glow of someone like….er….Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, won’t they? He’s pretty exciting…
    The Mudflats » Palin Cancels Friday Night Date With Dog Barbecueing Jew Counter. (God, I wish I were lying…)

    I know there's already a thread on her canceling the Correspondents' Dinner, but we should also notice this cancellation.

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    O.K. I hate her as much as the next guy, but this smacks of what the Repugs did to the dems while trying to paint Obama with the same brush as Jerimiah Wright or Bill Ayers.
    If I can't be a good example, then let me be a horrible warning.

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    Wow, that Malek was/is a total sicko! Being drunk is no excuse!

    The G Spot: Fred Malek: Jew counter. Dog barbecuer.

    Fred Malek: Jew counter. Dog barbecuer.

    I was gratified to see that General J.C. Christian, patriot ("an 11 on the manly scale of absolute gender") has picked up on my earlier post which mentioned the Jew-counting exploits of McCain's finance chair, Fred Malek. The good general is worried that Malek's Jew-hunting proclivities might be cutting into his effectiveness as a fundraiser.

    While I'm surprised that Gen. Christian found his way onto a foul-mouthed fem blog such as this one, I suppose he takes his duty to monitor the enemy very seriously.

    In other Malek news, on that earlier thread commenter Lambert Strether writes, "I'll see the 'Jew counting,' and raise 'helping kill and barbecue a dog, while drunk, in college" and directs our attention to this charming story. I'll give you the highlight reel, in the form of a Washington Post report that is quoted in the link:

    On a Friday in August 1959, five men in their twenties were arrested about 2 a.m. and held in the county jail all day after sheriff’s deputies found a blood-spattered, unoccupied car about 1:15 a.m. at the entrance to Vicary’s Park on Kickapoo Creek Road near Peoria, Ill.

    Joined by Sheriff Harry P. Backes, two deputies had found two men walking toward the park entrance; the two men told the deputies that they had struck a dog and were going to bury it.

    Further investigation revealed three others hiding in some weeds, the sheriff said. Because the men’s car was saturated with blood and they gave conflicting stories at the time of their arrest, Sheriff Backes thought there might have been a connection between the dog incident and a strong-arm robbery earlier in the evening.

    After checking the blood-spattered pants of one of the men at the state crime laboratory in Springfield, it was determined that the stains were animal and not human blood. Backes said the men then changed their story and said they had “caught a dog and were barbecuing it.”

    Police then found the skinned animal on a spit in the park. The insides of the dog had been removed, and a bottle of liquor was found on a nearby park table. Backes said the men told him they had been drinking earlier in the evening at a West Bluff tavern.

    One of the men arrested in the incident, in which a dog was killed, skinned, gutted and barbecued on a spit, was Frederick V. Malek, 22, of Berwyn, Ill.

    Charges of cruelty to animals were later dismissed against Malek and three other men after Andrew P. O’Meara testified that he had struck and killed the dog with a piece of 2-by-4, and that he alone had skinned the animal and tried to cook it. O’Meara said he was trying to show Malek and the others something about living off the land.

    This account is based on two 1959 news articles, one on Aug. 8 and one on Aug. 11, in the Peoria Journal Star newspaper.

    Man. Words just fail.

    I had heard something about the dog barbecue story before, but I hadn't heard it tied to Malek by name. Nor did I know the details. I love animals and I find animal cruelty stories extremely distressing to read, so I tend to avoid them.

    As Atrios says, these are deeply broken people.

    Posted by Kathy G. on April 02, 2008 at 11:18 PM in Conservatives are teh suck, Elections '08 | Permalink

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    There was this earlier thread on Malek, the dog barbecuer. I didn't know she was still pallin' around with him, though. Thought she dumped all her DC friends. I assume the First Dud will attend in her place.

    Sarah Palin's new mentor arrested for BBQing dog in 1959 (and other slimy stuff)

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