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Thread: More on Sarah Palin and Scientology (long)

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    Default More on Sarah Palin and Scientology (long)

    Note To Readers: The subject of Scientology is complex, and recent articles exploring Palin's relationship to Scientologists provide only minimal information on the actual nature of Scientology, its history, and the political goals of this disturbing mind control cult. Readers who are used to scanning through short blog entries are generally expected to do the digging themselves if they have further interest. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough curiosity or time to do so. I hope that by ripping open some of Scientology's dirtier and darker seams, this piece will provide more than enough reference material for readers to conclude that this cult that cynically calls itself a church for tax purposes should have no place in the lives and careers of any public officials, or celebrities for that matter. Therefore this is an extremely long post, divided it into 7 sections for convenience. I invite every reader to spend time reading the entire post even if it means multiple visits. There are many surprises along the way. As we all know, the devil is always in the details.

    Note To Palin Supporters: This article is addressed to you. Unfortunately I all too often see or hear comments from you such as, "Scientology is a religion, so why should I worry if Sarah Palin has friends of a different religion?", or "We need as many people as possible to like Sarah, it doesn't matter if they are Muslim, Jewish, or Scientologists" and "Scientology money is as good as any other money." and "There is no way there are Scientology slave camps right in the USA under the governments nose. I don't believe it." It is not acceptable to be willfully uninformed about Scientology, just because you trust Sarah Palin. As this article reveals, Palin is definitely not the first politician to be touched by Scientology or to give cult members access to political power. This has been a long term goal of the cult, and Palin is only its most recent, perhaps most energizing politician that the cult has began working itself onto like a parasite. Scientology does not hold the same status, nor deserve the kind of tolerance that is granted to the world's long standing religions. This is because of its self-proclaimed aims and its history of abusing its own members and outsiders who investigate the cult. We have common ground here. I do not support Sarah Palin, but she deserves better than to have the yoke of Scientology attached to her politically. So do you. Palin does not need Scientology connections, and in the end, these connections will only become political dynamite for her. Palin is uniquely positioned to lead the way in publicly shaking off connections with Scientologists. She will only gain respect and admirers if she does so. Please take some time to examine this cult more closely. When it comes to Scientology we need to all be on the same side, no matter what our political persuasion.

    Scientology is not a religion. It is a money grubbing cult, and it is a dangerous cult. It flourishes in a twilight zone of fake respectability, and relies solely on people being generally uninformed about it. Ignorance, gullibility and isolation - this is the human compost in which the cult thrives. Scientology threatens men and women, it threatens children, it threatens families, it threatens outsiders, and it also threatens every single one of its own members with tragic losses - loss of self, of soul, of spirit, of freedom are the most intangible of these.

    No politician should be considered reputable or respectable that takes money from Scientology or any powerful Scientologist - that includes Sarah Palin, Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the current Governor of Maryland, O'Malley. Scientology is a taint and a stain upon the face of our nation, and it is up to the public to demand that any public figure - including politicians, musicians and actors - must become "100% Scientology Free" if they are to remain popular or be granted the public's trust.

    PART 1: Warning! Read At Your Own Risk

    To get a real taste of how Scientology operates, we'll start with a few excerpts from a well researched article that was "...the target of an organized book-burning campaign by Scientologists as detailed in the Scarff deposition." This piece of journalism was awarded the Gerald Loeb Award for distinguished business and financial journalism, the Worth Bingham Prize and the Conscious In Media Awards from the American Society of Journalists and Authors." The full text, written in 1991 by Richard Behar, Associate Editor of Time Magazine, may be read here.

    "They (Scientologists) take the best and the brightest people and destroy them."

    "Eleven top Scientologists, including Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's wife, were sent to prison in the early 1980s for infiltrating, burglarizing and wiretapping more than 100 private and government agencies in attempts to block their investigations into the cult." "In recent years hundreds of longtime Scientology adherents -- many charging that they were mentally or physically abused -- have quit the church and criticized it at their own risk. Some have sued the church and won; others have settled for amounts in excess of $500,000. In various cases judges all over the world have labeled the church "schizophrenic and paranoid" and "corrupt, sinister and dangerous". (and much much more.)"

    "Yet the outrage and litigation have failed to squelch Scientology. The group, which boasts 700 centers in 65 countries, threatens to become more insidious and pervasive than ever. Scientology is trying to go mainstream, a strategy that has sparked a renewed law enforcement campaign against the church. Many of the group's followers have been accused of committing financial scams, while the church is busy attracting the unwary through a wide array of front groups in such businesses as publishing, consulting, health care and even remedial education."

    "According to the Cult Awareness Network, whose 23 chapters monitor more than 200 "mind control" cults, no group prompts more telephone pleas for help than does Scientology. Says Cynthia Kisser, the network's Chicago-based executive director: "Scientology is quite likely the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lucrative cult the country has ever seen. No cult extracts more money from its members." [Note: since publication of this article, the Cult Awareness Network has been taken over by Scientology. Do not contact them!] "Strange things seem to happen to people who write about Scientology. Journalist Paulette Cooper wrote a critical book on the cult in 1971. This led to a Scientology plot (called Operation Freak-Out) whose goal, according to church documents, was "to get P.C. incarcerated in a mental institution or jail."

    Scientology has left a poisonous, toxic slime trail of pay to pray, indoctrination, family debt, money laundering, mind control, ponzi schemes, medical fraud, forced/slave labor, forced abortions, torture, rape, extortion, conspiracy to commit murder, death, wrecked families and ruined lives.

    Not exactly your little white church on the hill, now is it?

    For writing about Scientology for Time Magazine, the cult targeted Behar under its "fair game" policy. " least 10 attorneys and six private detectives were unleashed by Scientology and its followers in an effort to threaten, harass and discredit me." They used several intimidation tactics, including obtaining an illegal copy of his personal credit report, harassing colleagues and neighbors, threatening to contact the SEC and the IRS, and obtaining information on him illegally to use in a federal lawsuit against him. Behar continues:

    "One legal goal of Scientology is to bankrupt the opposition or bury it under paper. The church has 71 active lawsuits against the IRS alone. One of them, Miscavige vs. IRS, has required the U.S. to produce an index of 52,000 pages of documents. Boston attorney Michael Flynn, who helped Scientology victims from 1979 to 1987, personally endured 14 frivolous lawsuits, all of them dismissed. Another lawyer, Joseph Yanny, believes the church "has so subverted justice and the judicial system that it should be barred from seeking equity in any court." He should know: Yanny represented the cult until 1987, when, he says, he was asked to help church officials steal medical records to blackmail an opposing attorney (who was allegedly beaten up instead). Since Yanny quit representing the church, he has been the target of death threats, burglaries, lawsuits and other harassment." "The church's most fearsome advocates are its lawyers... Scientology has brought hundreds of suits against its perceived enemies and today pays an estimated $20 million annually to more than 100 lawyers." Scientology calls this "Legal Brutality."

    PART 2: Enter Scientology Lobbyist Lawyer John P. Coale - Stage Left

    John P. Coale really should wear one of those T-shirts that say, “I’m Kind of a Big Deal.”

    As a lawyer, John P. Coale is so very very big, and he has done so much to forever warp the legal system in America with his aggressive actions against big corporations, that he has actually littered his destructive path with some "collateral good" along the way. Some good must have come from suing cigarette makers, right? And Ritalin manufacturers surely must be evil, right? American Lawyer Magazine saw fit to award Coale its "Most Frivolous Suit" Award for his legal maneuverings against his tailor, because the bad tailoring on his custom made shirts had subjected Coale to "public humiliation...severe emotional distress, and embarrassment." American Lawyer magazine also called John P. Coal "a symbol for everything wrong with the Plantiffs' bar."

    Plaintiff's bar? What is the "Plaintiff's Bar"?

    American Justice Partnership Foundation provides the following snapshot of these heavyweight lawyers who manage to fly mostly under the radar.

    John P. Coale and "The Plantiff's Bar"

     “The Plantiffs' bar have taken on industry after industry, securing huge, and at times, crushing awards for their clients and exorbitant contingent fees for themselves. As a group, they have become one of the richest and most powerful lobbies in the United States, working with lightning speed and precision to ensure the enactment of favorable legislation and election or selection of judges and legislators sympathetic to their positions, and the utter defeat of any perceived threats to their livelihood."

     "The trial lawyers’ industry is sometimes referred to as Trial Lawyers, Inc., a hypothetical corporation, "raking in almost $40 billion in revenues annually – 50% more than Microsoft or Intel and double that of Coca-Cola." (KRC: from Manhattan Institute, Trial Lawyers, Inc., p. 2)"

     "The lawsuit industry’s lack of transparency prevents us from making an accurate profit estimate, but if its margins are as high as we suspect, Trial Lawyers, Inc. might well be the most profitable business in the world. (KRC: Manhattan Institute, Trial Lawyers, Inc., p. 2)"

     "The point here is not that these are very rich people. It is that their law firms are even richer—with the depth and agility to field an array of well paid experts, legal strategists, private detectives, jury consultants, and top public relations people. Against such outfits, even the largest corporations can be left feeling intimidated. (KRC: Hantler, "Seven Myths ...", p. 23)"

     "This plutocracy (rule by the wealthy) of 60,000 plaintiffs’ attorneys is so powerful it can overwhelm the broader interests of industry, workers, municipalities, schools, charities, and individual citizens. (KRC: Hantler, "Seven Myths ...", p.23)"

     "During the last several decades, the Plaintiffs' bar, aided by alliances with state attorneys general and the proliferation of mass tort legislation, has transformed itself from the once scorned step-child of the legal profession to the legal equivalent of Cinderella."

    These are lawyers that rose from the generally despised position of "ambulance chasers" to become the Cinderellas of the legal world. But unfortunately for The Fairy Godmother, the plaintiffs' bar would not think twice about turning around and forcing her to give away most of her magical powers as "just" settlement for her shoddy workmanship on that glass slipper that fell off.

    ~John P. Coale won against cigarette manufacturers and Ritalin
    ~John P. Coale sued the FBI for its role in the Waco massacre
    ~John P. Coale handled the divorce of Lisa Marie Presley from Michael Jackson
    ~John P. Coale led the charge against American gun manufacturers. He boasted to "New Yorker Magazine", "[We] have the resources to start a war instead of taking little potshots...Well, we've started a war."

    In the past, John P. Coale threw his mighty weight against Republicans. "It would be very, very horrifying to trial lawyers if Bush were elected," said John P. Coale…who has given over $70,000 to the Democrats. "To combat that, we want to make sure we have a Democratic president, House and Senate. There is some serious tobacco money being spread around."

    "Today, as the line between class action and personal injury claims continues to blur, lawsuits have been filed against McDonald's on behalf of customers who claim the company's "junk food" made them fat. Trial lawyers are targeting the managed-care industry, lead paint manufacturers and pharmaceutical makers over drug pricing; some have even gone after cell phone makers for an unsubstantiated link between cell phones and brain cancer. And what benefit do the plaintiffs receive from actions such as these?... in some cases, nothing at all."
    But let's be fair. Let’s give the man a chance to describe himself in his own words. "I am a pirate," Mr. Coale said proudly. "I have been described as an ambulance chaser, and I don't disagree.”

    On top of all of John P. Coale's accomplishments - pirate, ambulance chaser, plaintiff's bar member and powerful plutocrat - Mr. Coale, Esq. is possibly the most dashing political lobbyist that is also a member of a cult that masquerades as a church. That’s right, in case you’ve been out in bush Alaska for the last 6 months without a laptop – John P. Coale is a Scientologist and is a member in good standing with The World's Number One Mind Control Cult.

    And Mr. Coale is not just a rank and file auditor or trainer for Scientology either. No sireee. John P. Coale is an Operating Thetan. According to Scientology "liturgy" read and regurgitated by the faithful, this means that he can “function apart from his body.” As an OT-VII or Operating Thetan Level 7, he is also, according to Scientology materials "able to life telephones off the hook in another roomand read books while some distance away from them". No doubt this all comes in handy while simultaneously visiting Sarah Palin and suing the pants off her favorite rifle manufacturer.

    We all can understand that when there is a new person in someone's life, there are things about the past that don't immediately get brought up. Mr. Coale has been known to chase some high profile political skirts, including Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. So while John "The Pirate" Coale is cozying up to Sarah Palin perhaps he wisely has failed to mention that he has gone steady with various Democrats or that he sues gunmakers - fairly secure in the knowledge that Sarah P. is not a person that is likely to happen upon this information while thumbing through old copies of "The New Yorker Magazine".

    PART 3: The Barracuda Triangle - Mr. Coale, Mrs. Palin and Mrs. Coale

    The case is closed. John P. Coale is now the biggest heavyweight advisor in Bad Sarah’s political life, despite Mrs. Coale's slippery protests to the contrary, and a general wish by members of Team Sarah and Conservatives4Palin that this Scientology stuff would just go away so everyone could focus more on Obama.

    We know that Coale is Sarah's advisor because every member of The Barracuda Triangle confirms it. Coale went to "see Sarah" during the Obama inauguration, perhaps for some political hand holding at a sensitive time. He gave us an unsettling image of himself lurking around just near enough to Palin so that he could keep a keen eye on her, while Palin seemed to allow his presence without really acknowledging it. Coale has called Sarah Palin a "fascinating person" who is "definitely not what the right thinks or the left thinks." This little comment has been largely ignored, and becomes chilling in light of Scientology's flirtation with the Governor of Alaska. Coale's wife has referred to Palin cheekily as her husband's "girlfriend" to whom he has "given advice" and "helped."

    In interviews with both Politico and with Washington DC columnist Chris “The Fix’ Cillizza, Coale stated that he and Palin speak by phone regularly and email back and forth roughly once a week. In addition, Coale has supplied the information that he has met with Sarah in person “roughly ten times, and that half of those encounters lasted for at least an hour.” Meg Stapleton has chimed in saying that he’s only emailed her “less than a half a dozen times” but Coale disagrees with Palin advisor Meg, saying “a lot of the emails were without [Stapleton] around.”

    Who knows how much of the real truth we are getting? What we are being told is enough - Coale has owned up to advising Sarah Palin since after her Vice Presidential loss on matters “surrounding her family that lingered after the campaign." This was probably advice on how to clean up the financial mess Palin created using Alaska state funds like a personal travel account, flying herself and her family around and feeding them at taxpayers expense when they accompanied her. Once she more or less addressed these issues, Coale mentored his political protege step by step - first suggesting that she start a leadership political action committee. SarahPAC was soon announced by Coale's dutiful wife Greta on Fox News. The free advertising on Fox News was a nice bonus to the much needed advice. Next Coale suggested that Sarah needed a Legal Defense Fund - and today she got the Alaska Fund Trust.

    So far SarahPAC has been distinguished by what it hasn't done. It apparently didn't phone voters in Iowa, it apparently didn't schedule Palin to speak at a big RNC fundraiser, and it hasn’t published a financial statement yet. But by this point Coale is known as "protector of the Palin brand" and Washington insiders murmur that Coale ponied up the seed money for SarahPAC. While there is of yet no paper trail to either prove or disprove Coale's financial donations, it is clear that Coale is very interested in Palin's political future, very rich, and known to be generous to female politicians. Further, Palin is in dire straits legally and under siege politically - stubbornly resisting the message that if she opens herself up to the appearance of official impropriety, Alaskan citizens have the legal recourse to call her to task for it, and will.

    Has Palin accepted much needed funds like manna from heaven from this most amiable of her political advisors? Or has she declined such offers because she is so incorruptible, aside from taking unauthorized travel money, getting her house built by shady public funding, running up politically damaging shopping bills while campaigning, and many other questionable activities? Where there is smoke, is there fire? Where there is powerful cash, is there a needy politician ready to accept it? We all have our opinions, so I’ll leave it up to you to come to your own conclusions.

    In a recent Baltimore Sun article John "The Pirate" Coale, denies giving money to either fund he has been instrumental in setting up. But he also hasn't been asked very many hard questions. Was money funneled to Palin through his wealthy friends and associates? Have Scientologists been instructed to donate? Coale, who is used to operating just outside of the political spotlight, has been getting an unusual amount of flak and attention for his role with Palin. "I'm getting it from both sides," Coale told me this week. "All the Democrats are [ticked] off at me because they think I'm running Sarah Inc. And Republicans are [ticked] off because ... they want to be the big cheese with Sarah Palin.”

    Greta, Coale’s fellow cult member and wife, controls a valuable bully pulpit - her own show on Fox News. She can guarantee positive coverage of Palin and has appeared to be functioning as a virtual propaganda arm for the Governor of Alaska. However, Greta has stated somewhat disingenuously, or in other words, somewhat deceitfully, falsely or somewhat like a liar, that she doesn’t “even have [Palin’s] phone number or her e-mail address” because “the producers are the ones who book her” for interviews. So Greta, the public would like to know, Do you deny having access to the phone number of your husband's "girlfriend"? Most of the public simply doesn't believe you because we assume you are on speaking terms with your husband, who phones and emails Palin on a regular basis. Or is it that with a lawyer's smooth tongue, you know how to state a mistruth without speaking the lie - you can say your producers keep Palin's contact information and you don't have it without technically lying, right?

    If the wife isn't being up front about her relationship with Palin, can we expect that the husband is being completely up front? And now Greta's professional ethics are called into question. As a former practicing lawyer, Mrs. Coale has attempted to step around the delicate issue of "inside access" to her interview subject, which leads to accusations of professional misconduct as a journalist.

    “But when Van Susteren failed to disclose her husband's relationship to Palin, whether he was paid or not, and claimed only a professional relationship with the Palins, she was engaging in out-and-out duplicity and covering up a blatant professional conflict of interest” according to Geoffry Dunn's exploration of Greta’s fawning tabloid reporting here.

    This is not the first time that Greta has been accused of professional misconduct, and gotten away with it. According to the St. Petersburg Times, both John P. Coale and wife Greta were officially chastised for their heavy handed “ambulance chasing” techniques in West Virginia while pursuing "Big Tobacco". While soliciting clients illegally doesn't sound like the most important crime in the world, the law industry looks on this activity as so heinous, that in most states a lawyer will lose their license to practice if they are caught and convicted of doing it.

    In 1996, the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia ruled that Coale and his wife were both guilty of professional misconduct, but the Court found itself “Reluctantly dismissing ethics charges against out-of-state lawyers for improper solicitation of clients in West Virginia, the Court held that while the evidence clearly supported the Disciplinary Board's finding that the respondents' conduct violated the Rules 7.1(c), 7.3(a), 7.3(b)(1), and 8.4(a) of the Rules of Professional Conduct, the Court did not have jurisdiction to discipline them because the misconduct occurred at a time when only persons "regularly engaged in the practice of law" in West Virginia were subject to professional discipline…” That same year, Coale’s law firm, with Greta sitting as counsel, were criticized for chasing after victim’s families in the Value Jet crash in an unethical manner. Ditto for the Bophal India disaster, when Coale earned the nickname Bophal Coale to his list of dismal credits because he was considered to once again be practicing the law unethically and underhandedly trolling for victims while they are still experiencing shock, pain and suffering, when it is considered unethical and usually illegal for lawyers to discuss business.

    Palin certainly has a demonstrated taste for rather distasteful lawyers, as her affiliations with Mr. and Mrs. Coale and her recent championing of the rejected W.A.R. for Alaska Attorney General amply demonstrate.

    Greta's Ethical Wasteland - Brought To You By Scientology

    Greta has been “disingenuous” or "artful, crooked, cunning, designing, feigned, foxy, indirect, mendacious, oblique, shifty, sly, tricky, uncandid, underhanded or wily" on at least a couple of other occasions - that is when Mrs. Coale carefully stated for print media that she is a Scientologist because “she likes the ethics” and “I am a strong advocate of their ethics”. “Ethics in Scientology is not the same as in the real world. It means to "remove counter-intentions from the environment", i.e. to get the job done and apply Scientology.”

    Mrs. Coale's "religion" Scientology has twisted and warped the meaning of the word "ethics" for her, and for any of its members in good standing. For example, if Greta works to produce a result that Scientology likes - like advocating that CNN kill a planned negative Scientology story - this is considered good for the church, or “Up Ethics.” If member of the cult has a lot of “Up Ethics” that means they are helping the church, and this is translated as also having "high statistics".

    As Cult of Scientology fearless leader L. Ron Hubbard wrote (Hubbard Communications Office, HCOPL 1 Sep 1965, "Ethics Protection) "When people do start reporting [negatively on] a staff member with a high statistic, what you investigate is the person who turned in the report. In an ancient army a particularly brave deed was recognized by an award of the title of Kha-Khan. It was not a rank. The person remained what he was, BUT he was entitled to be forgiven the death penalty ten times in case in the future he did anything wrong. That was a Kha-Khan. That's what producing, high-statistic staff members are - Kha-Khans. They can get away with murder without a blink from Ethics.... And Ethics must recognize a Kha-Khan when it sees one - and tear up the bad report chits on the person with a yawn."

    So, as far as the "ethics" of Scientology go, as long as Greta helps Scientology to advance, she can basically get away with murder. What a perfect spiritual haven for the twin souls of a high powered Washington lobbyist lawyer and his sold out Fox news reporter wife!

    If Greta is less than transparent about her definition of "ethics", she is downright opaque when it comes to money she donates to the cult. “Van Susteren not only refuses to discuss her affiliation with the church but her contributions to it appear to be concealed. For example, it said, a contribution of more than $100,000 to a Scientology building project is credited in a brochure to “Greta Conway." Conway is Van Susteren's middle name.” Greta donated at least $40,000 to the "war chest" of the International Association of Scientologists, listed in IMPACT Magazine issue #25; but no longer mentioned on later editions. The stated goals of the International Association of Scientologists is “To achieve the Aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard. And to "dismantle any group or organization" which prevents Scientology from advancing, using monies donated to this very "War Chest" that Greta contributed to at least once - to stifle opponents.

    But let’s be charitable. Greta exhibits great dedication to The Number One Mind Control Church in the world. Perhaps she is just being modest about her support in a saintly sort of way. Perhaps her lawyering cult-leavened mind decided to hide her contributions because Scientology “raises red flags” in Washington Circles and “Scientology is considered, by and large by anyone [In Washington DC], to be a wacky cult." Perhaps. With Greta you never know. Maybe she sincerely believes in her church's activities - such as giving school children cult indoctrination material written by a rapacious, greedy bastard of a washed up Sci-Fi writer under the guise of providing legitimate school materials. Maybe this is just the sort of spiritual practice Greta has a calling to spread and defend in these very troubled times.

    PART 4: Slave Camp Denial By Top Scientologists - Sort Of Like How The Nazis Did It?

    Both John P. Coale and his life partner Greta have attained the uppermost ranks possible for Scientologists – this takes some doing, and they can not by any means be called casual members of the cult. Their connections to prominent church members are many. As noted above, Coale handled the divorce of prominent Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley. Tom Cruise once considered making a movie out of Coale’s exploits in the Bophal disaster. But here’s the real doozy: Loretta Miscavige, the mother of Scientology’s fearless leader David Miscavige, was the accountant for John P. Coale’s law firm right up to her death in 2005 of lung cancer. "She was in her late 60's or early 70's and she was working in Clearwater for Greta Van Susteren and Greta's husband John Cole (sic) at the time of her death."

    So the mother of the undisputed leader of the biggest mind control cult in the world saw for decades on a daily basis exactly how much money funneled through John P. Coale’s office, and presumably channeled it wherever it was supposed to go. There is no more intimate business relationship than this. Except that most accountants hired in most legal firms did not give birth to the top person in the law firm partners' "church". It's as if John P. Coale and his wife are as close as family with David Miscavige. Given the hierarchical nature of the cult, it also means that John and Greta work under Miscavige, are directly allied with Miscavige, are operating right under his nose, their business revenues are under his thumb and they are most likely wrapped around his little finger as well. Greta and John's aims and goals for Scientology must be aligned exactly with David Miscavige's aims and goals for Scientology. David Miscavige is that charming fellow who infamously declared at a videotaped 2007 New Year's Eve event that one of Scientology's goals for the new millennium is the global obliteration of psychiatry.

    For a member in good standing, Scientology goals and practices supersede anything and everything else including home, family and moral qualms. This is a deeper level of Scientology “ethics.” If anyone, even a family member speaks against Scientology, even privately, they are declared a “suppressive person” by the church and the Scientologist will be considered “Out Ethics” until they can prove to the cult’s satisfaction they aren’t influenced against the cult. A suppressive person must be cut completely out of the cult member’s life. It doesn’t matter if they are a parent, a sibling, a spouse or even one’s own child. Scientology is ruthless in this regard – a suppressive person or "SP" must be cut out completely from the life of a member in good standing. Here is an example of someone being declared an SP as recently as September 2008.

    If a run of the mill Scientologist is “Out Ethics” they may have had contact with a suppressive person, may have produced less in terms of money for the cult than they had previously, or they just may have pissed off someone. The “Out Ethics” Scientologist is graded on a scale of cult crimes, and must submit to a battery of e-meter sessions and usually a verbal battering that resembles a criminal interrogation. This may go on for days or even weeks. The Scientologist may be watched and confined even closer than usual during this time.

    If "Out Ethics" Scientology cult members don't stop seeing an SP who happens to be their spouse or child, or "Out Ethics" members can't pull off killing a major national news story like Greta, or funnel big money into the cult, or just can't convince their accusers they are not "Out Ethics", they are sent into a lower caste in the Scientology world where they are treated like non-persons, forced into intense physical labor, underfed, under-housed and mentally and emotionally abused. It is the same scenario as experienced by dissenters during the Chinese Cultural Revolution or the Gulags of Soviet Russia.
    Eyewitness accounts of RPF workers include seeing mad, underfed people confined in dungeon like conditions, and people who are totally broken in spirit who appear as "filthy tired skeletons". Former Scientologists say that those in RPF 'are not to speak unless spoken to. "In interviews and public records, former staffers have said they were alienated from society, stripped of familiar beliefs, punished for aberrant behavior, rewarded for conformity and worked beyond exhaustion to meet ever-escalating productivity quotas. Slave labor is how Canadian authorities in 1984 described the Scientology work force. If you have any doubts as to the nature of the RPF, please read further here, here, here and here. Established RPF groups exist in Los Angeles, Gilman Hot Springs and Hemet, California and in Clearwater Florida, where multiple instances of abuse are reported. Scientology members have also been held against their will in Phoenix Az, Long Beach, Pomona and Glendale Ca, England, Australia and at sea.

    “Operating in several American locations, these programs (called the Rehabilitation Project Force or simply, the RPF) involve classic brainwashing techniques. These techniques include (often forcible) confinement and physical coercion in the context of an intensive re-education program involving social and psychological degradations, forced confessions, and hard physical labor (Kent 2000; 2001a; 2001b; R. Young 1995, 107). Partly because of Germany's experience with forced labor camps during the Second World War, German officials were particularly concerned to learn about Scientology's operation of its own version of such camps in Europe and America. (Indeed, forced labor is specifically banned in post-war Germany by Article 12 of its constitution.) Moreover, parliamentary officials remained puzzled at the fact that American government officials were completely unaware of them, especially since the RPF has attracted so much American press (AFP 1998; Behar 1986, 318; Koff 1989; Shelor 1984; Welkos and Sappell 1990)." This article can be read in full here.

    But who would conduct forced interrogations on their fellow church members, with the aim of whipping them back into proper cult think or booting them into a slavery camp for their betterment? Hmm. Would a good lawyer would be able to do this tricky job? Turns out that John P. Coale’s most recently completed Scientology course is the PTS/SP Course completed in 2005. Scientology uses this course to “teach participants to detect and handle suppressive persons - antisocial personalities who violently oppose any betterment activity or group.” After all of his legal degrees, and all of his high profile wins, John P. Coale must have felt pretty good about obtaining this church sponsored license to interrogate and send people to prison camps without having to deal with a judge at all.

    The argument has been made that people at the top of Scientology’s pyramid scheme “don’t believe” in their church’s overreaching doctrine that all human suffering is caused by miserable Body Thetans embedded in humans hundreds of thousands of years ago, which were created by the scheming of Lord Xenu, evil head of the Galactic Confederation, in an explosive cocktail of hydrogen bombs, volcanoes and space ships. And the idea has been carefully sown and nurtured that the celebrities of Scientology and those at the top "don't know" about all the abuse, exploitation and human suffering that their own so called religion is responsible for on so very many levels.

    It seems that these "people at the top" of the cult, like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Greta and John P. Coale are in a no win situation. Either they know what is going on in Scientology, and they don't care because they benefit from it, or they are so woefully ignorant and misled themselves that any teenager with a laptop can instantly become more informed than they are. A curious teenager can be more informed about the history of their so-called religion than a successful and world traveled film actor, a powerful lobbyist lawyer or a well known television journalist?

    Yes! Top Scientologists really believe in jackass crazy L. Ron Hubbard's sci-fi based militaristic, abusive and looney tunes cult teachings and practices! What? No? They don't believe in the tax exempt church's doctrines and educational materials, sold to thousands of members at high prices every day? Then are they guilty of incredible deception, fraud and unconscionable abuse in promoting an organization they cynically belong to but don't believe in. Either way, they are participating in the outright victimization of the rank and file Scientology church members who most certainly do believe - and must believe - in Scientology doctrines every single exploited working day of their lives devoted to the cult of charismatic leader L. Ron Hubbard.

    Mind control is very very ugly, and many say it is evil.

    Henry Metelman, writing in his memoir "A Hitler Youth" about his own experiences during the rise of Nazism explains how slave labor camps can exist right under the nose of a civilian population without anything being done about it. He writes of 1933, the early period of Hitler's rise and well before war was declared in 1939. "To a larger or lesser degree, the majority of the population was aware that concentration camps had been set up all over the country. Those of my generation that claimed after the war that they knew nothing about them were, in my view avoiding the truth...Whenever the camps were mentioned with (Nazi) Party people present, it was usually explained that it had been the British that had first introduced them into South Africa after the Boer War. I assume that quite a large minority at least had a fair idea what was going on inside of them...But I suspect that few of them, except on the political left, had given much thought to the deeper political implications of the camps." (pg. 80) Scientology as a cult that controls its members in ways that are not very different from Hitler's iron clad control over the everyday speech, activities and goals of German society. Interestingly, Scientology blames psychiatry, not Hitler, for the Holocaust.

    PART 5: How John P. Coale Infiltrates Without Anybody Really Noticing

    In 1993, the husband-and-wife legal team of Mr. and Mrs. Coale played a small role in Scientology's campaign to take over the Cult Awareness Network, or CAN, an organization that helped people leave Scientology as well as other cults. With the Coale's help, CAN was overwhelmed with lawsuits (a common plantiffs' bar strategy) financed by Scientology, and the organization was actually destroyed and taken over by the cult.

    As far back as 1986, Coale attempted to bring Scientology into US politics with a plan that involved forming a PAC to represent it in Washington DC. Apparently, local members and officials of the cult met with Coale and basically talked him out of it. At the time, nobody who was a practicing Scientologist in the nation's capitol wanted the publicity.

    Coale's PAC was named the FLAGG PAC (Freedom, Liberty, and Good Government Political Action Committee) and one of its political goals was to end the practice of psychiatry nationwide. This happens to be a cherished goal of L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige and Scientology in general. After all, elimination of mental health care would pave the way for Hubbard's diseased mind control cult to brainwash more and more troubled people with little or no resistance from mental health professionals.

    FLAGG PAC didn't achieve lift off, but Coale's effort was still a success in another way. The idea had been hatched, and was never given up. Today Scientology run PACs are named CSRPAC, "Citizens for Social Reform" founded in 2001, and FCSR "Florida Citizens for Social Reform" which have identical goals as laid down with the original FLAGG PAC.

    John P. Coale clearly wishes to influence politics more directly these days. In 2002, When Greta decided to leave CNN, Coale wrote a rather sour grapes good-bye letter, which the couple assumed CNN would keep private. No love lost there, CNN did not fail to make the letter public. In it John complains that the network failed to gain access and influence in the Bush White House for his wife. Specifically the network failed “to secure an invitation for her to the White House Christmas party, which, Mr. Coale wrote, is an important gathering for forging relationships with administration officials.” One supposes that John P. Coale fully expected to be on the arm of his wife on this occasion, and that he hoped to network and "forge relationships" with White House officials.

    In 2006, Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley won the fight for Governor of Maryland in the most expensive gubernatorial battle the state had ever seen. Emerging victorious but a half million dollars in debt he turned to, who else? John P. Coale for a financial bail out. Coale’s reward? In 2008 O’Malley appointed our very own ambulance chasing John P. Coale to the Board of Directors of UMMS, the University of Maryland Medical System, after a dramatic force out of the sitting Chairman and resignation of most of the other board members in protest. That means that the following Maryland psychiatric hospitals will be under the control of John P. Coale, the Scientologist cozy with David Miscavige. Here is a list of the specifically psychiatry related treatment facilities within the University of Maryland Medical System:

    Brook Lane Psychiatric Center • Clifton T Perkins Hospital • Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health Center • Rosewood Center • Saint Luke Institute • The Sheppard & Enoch Pratt Hospital • Spring Grove Hospital Center • Springfield Hospital Center • Taylor Manor Hospital Center

    If you have a friend or family member that receives treatment in one of these facilities, you might want to encourage them to review their choices for treatment and go elsewhere. The story is reported in full here.

    It is easy to dismiss Scientology's goals as the sort of Bad-Guy-In-A-James-Bond-Film overarching global destruction plot that is eye-rolling silly. However, Scientology takes itself very seriously, and with the help of all those charming public Scientologists you know and hear about every day, including John P. Coale and wife Greta, they really do work steadfastly with all the might of a mind controlled worker-bee population to destroy psychiatry and psychology worldwide - among other things. This is no peripheral agenda. It is a basic drive that sustains and motivates the cult. The "Psychiatry Industry of Death" museum in Los Angeles is just a visible tip of the iceberg of this mostly covert cult agenda. It is an agenda that all Scientologists must participate in fully to the best of their ability. Doing so is a prerequisite to moving up in the cult hierarchy, attaining new levels, having "Up Ethics" and other Scientology cult fueled wet dreams. John P. Coale is definitely subject to these, and is powerful enough to be making them happen "in real life".

    Scientology wants to teach the world that psychiatry is actually responsible for everything from the September 11 attacks to the decline of education standards in the US. Scientologists teach that it was "psychiatry" that caused World War I and was the reason behind the rise of Hitler and Stalin. As mentioned earlier, Scientology teaches that psychiatry, not Hitler, is to blame for the Holocaust.

    PART 6: How Scientology Infiltrates Without Anybody Really Noticing

    If you've made it thus far, you might be tempted to skip this section and get to more juicy Palin stuff below. Don't. Although the information in this section is readily available online, I have never seen or heard it discussed much before I came upon it recently. I find it explosive, repugnant and shocking, and I think it should be common knowledge and discussed by every US citizen. Basically, Scientology managed to infiltrate the US government much more recently than its IRS infiltration, and it was Bill Clinton who made it possible. Clinton appeared to advocate for the cult internationally, largely unknown to US citizens. An incident between the US State Department and our ally Germany was sparked over Germany's refusal to allow the United States to pressure it into allowing Scientology to operate freely within their country. This was the US Government that was advocating on Scientology's behalf to an international ally. Germany in no uncertain terms rebuffed the effort. You've got to give the Germans credit - from experience they know a crazy, nihilistic, sadistic and dangerous mind control cult when they see one.

    The story below is told in excerpts from the original report from Canadian Sociologist Dr. Kent. The full document may be found here.

    It is well known that John P. Coale and his wife, were strong supporters of Democrats, specifically Bill Clinton and later, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. It was just a year after Clinton took office that the IRS did its famous switcheroo and handed Scientology its tax free status, after battling against exactly this outcome for years. The details of the meeting in which this happened have always seemed strange. Definitely some back room politicking went on. Questions can be raised about whether those who control the copyrights on Hubbard's books at the highest levels are even Scientologists, but instead are highly placed former IRS officials and attorneys.

    Germany became wary of Scientology because of its experience with forced labor camps during the Second World War. German officials were particularly concerned to learn about Scientology's operation of its own version of such camps in Europe and America, and forced labor is specifically banned in modern Germany by Article 12 of its constitution.

    "In 1997, a German state official raised the issue of the RPF programs on American soil in response to a harsh "open" letter to Chancellor Helmut Kohl that equated the German government's handling of Scientology with Nazis' persecution of Jews prior to World War II. Published as a full page ad in the International Herald Tribune, thirty-four Hollywood personalities signed it, including actors Dustin Hoffman, Goldie Hawn, director Oliver Stone, writer Mario Puzo, and CNN talk show host, Larry King (Boyes 1997). (Afterwards, the film director Constantin Costa-Gavras expressed regret at having given the letter his signature [Reuters 1997]). It turned out that many of the signatories had close ties to prominent Scientology actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta (Whittell 1997). The analogy between the current plight of Scientology in Germany and the fate of Jews during the early days of Hitler proved so offensive that the U.S. State Department immediately denounced it, saying "This is an outrageous charge against the German government by an American group. It bears no resemblance to the facts of what is going on [t]here" (quoted in Boyes 1997)."

    "...the incident reveals some of the pitfalls involved with entertainment elites trying to gain entry into an important public debate. They had enough money to purchase exposure in the media, but they did not have sufficient grasp of the issues nor the political wisdom to select appropriate symbols that might have won them support. Indeed, the ill-chosen symbol of Naziism angered German officials (including Kohl himself), and it provided an opening for another German official to respond with a press release that advised, "Instead of sending open letters' to Germany, Hollywood VIPS should express their outrage at Scientology's punitive camps."

    "The Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, Dr. Gonther Beckstein, went on to refer to the RPF facilities as "penal colonies" that subjected their inmates to "extreme processes of brainwashing and punishment." Using information that came directly out of an American affidavit by former Scientologist, Andre Tabayoyon, Beckstein mentioned one of the harsh physical punishments that a female inmate supposedly suffered, and described the security system around one California facility that involved a "fence, barriers, floodlights, electronic monitors, hidden microphones, ground sensors, and electronic eyes...." He also mentioned information about "semi-automatic rifles and unregistered weapons" in the Southern California RPF facility. Mockingly, Beckstein mused, "Wouldn't it be great if Mario Puzo wrote a script to a film directed by Oliver Stone, in which Dustin Hoffman and Goldie Hawn starred as two inmates in a Scientology penal colony attempting [t]o escape from their heavily-armed keepers?" (Beckstein 1997; see Tabayoyon 1994). Even though Beckstein gave explicit directions about the location of an RPF facility only about 100 kilometers from Hollywood itself, no indication exists that any American officials took his remarks seriously."

    "In summary, as American government officials seemed to side with Scientology, German officials became convinced that their counterparts in the United States simply did not understand the nature of the organization that they were supporting. Most German officials viewed the organization as a either a psychological group or a business being run under a totalitarian ideology whose alleged human rights violations were inimical to the operations of German democracy (see Enquete Commission 1998, 347; St. Paul Pioneer Press 1995). Along these lines, the Americans did not seem to appreciate the requirements placed upon German politicians by their country's constitution and law, which requires a "militant" protection of "the free democratic basic order'" (Kommers 1997, 217, see 510; also see Articles 18 and 20 of Germany's Basic Law). In essence, as one government (the United States) was providing Scientology with important opportunities to expand its resource base, another one (Germany) was severely curtailing the organization's resource acquisition abilities in ways that might have significant implications for the organization's European activities. Germany's curtailment of Scientology became the subject of hearings before the American congressional committee, the Organization [formerly Conference] on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE, also called the Helsinki Commission), and in these hearings Scientology celebrities played prominent roles."

    "Chairman of the CSCE, Senator Alfonse D'Amato (R.-N.Y.) who spent much of the day "showing Travolta around the Senate," quipped, "My staff, for the first time, was in early this morning.... They all had cameras. I never saw so many cameras.'" The New York Post printed a picture of D'Amato and Travolta facing each other with D'Amato's right hand clenching Travolta's left bicep, and Travolta's left hand under D'Amato's right arm. Travolta had a noble look on his face, and the photo caption read, "Sen[ator] Al D'Amato yesterday embraces John Travolta, who testified about persecution of Scientologists" (New York Post 1997). Clearly Travolta's celebrity status carried weight, and it served the intended point of getting Scientology's charges against Germany into the American media. That status suggests that even some politicians (not to mention their staff) feel the effects of a "charisma through association."

    "Travolta, Hayes, and Corea provided additional complaints to the CSCE about (what they considered to be) discrimination in business affairs. These complaints were against the requirement that individuals and companies sign documents (called sect filters') stating that none of the parties involved followed Scientology practices. Additional complaints were against government-sanctioned "Scientology" labels placed on businesses owned or operated by Scientologists; loss of employment and employment opportunities; denial of business licenses to Scientologists; prohibitions against Scientologists obtaining bank loans; cancellation of Scientology-related bank accounts; movie boycotts (specifically against Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible and Travolta's Phenomenon); and boycotts against patronizing businesses that employ Scientologists."

    "Evidence of Scientology's high level State Department contacts came to light in a widely-discussed article about Travolta in "George" magazine....Clinton informed Travolta that "he had a roommate years ago who was a Scientologist and had really liked him, and respected his views on it. He said he felt we were given an unfair hand in [Germany] and that he wanted to fix it" (Ressner 1997). Clinton followed up on this conversation by going "to the extraordinary length of assigning his national security advisor, Sandy Berger, to be the administration's Scientology point person" (J. Young 1998, 138)."

    "...the Clinton-arranged meeting [happened] in the context of other actions the American president had taken on behalf of Scientology. For example, the section of the State Department's 1996 human rights report that was harshly critical of Germany's actions towards Scientology "was written by the White House...." Its condemnation was so strong that Secretary of State Madeleine Albright apologized to the German government because of it (American Spectator 1997). French and German authorities also were aware that the December 1996 issue of Scientology's French language publication, éthique & Libertê, published what it called an "Interview exclusive" against drug-use, written by Clinton himself (Clinton 1996). They also took note when Clinton sent Scientology congratulatory greetings on its 50th anniversary (on December 28, 1999), in which he "thanked the church for its work to promote religious tolerance and to build just communities'" (Gerstein 2000). In short, it appears to the Europeans that Clinton was working actively on behalf of the Scientology organization, and that his assistance to the Hollywood Scientology lobbyists was indicative of his general support for the group."

    "While in Washington meeting with Berger and presenting before the CSCE, Travolta also spent time lobbying on behalf of a House of Representatives motion that (had it passed) would have put on record its "concern that performers, entertainers, and other artists from the United States who are members of minority religious groups such as Scientology continue to experience discrimination by the German Government" (House of Representatives 1997). Almost certainly introduced after lobbying efforts by Scientology's paid lobbyist, David H. Miller, the resolution gained "support from leaders of House caucuses who advocate on behalf of arts, Hispanics[,] and African Americans" (Dahl 1998a, 14A)."

    "Although the resolution cleared the House International Relations Committee, it failed to pass the full House when it went to vote in November. One Representative (Doug Bereuter, R-Neb.) complained, "I think it is important we not have Tom Cruise or John Travolta setting foreign policy in this country and [I] think that is a driving factor behind this legislation" (Dahl 1998a, 14A). The bill suffered defeat at 101 in favor and 318 against (Anonymous 1997), with Amo Houghtin (R-N.Y.) apparently expressing the majority's opinion by concluding, "the issue was whether we do not look just a bit pompous sitting back here with all our many moral problems in this country, to pass judgment on a nation, our friend, which is wrestling with something which we ourselves and other nations are wrestling with'" (quoted in The Virginian-Pilot 1997)."

    "The Washington Post carried a small article with a picture of Travolta, stating:

    In case you needed reminding that congressmen are shameless groupies, consider the small mob of House members that formed around John Travolta yesterday in the Rayburn Room of the Capitol, just off the House floor. There was jostling, There was staring. There was lining up for photos with the movie star who was on the Hill to meet with lawmakers, including House Speaker Newt Gingrich, on behalf of the Church of Scientology, of which he is a member (Gerhart and Groer 1998, B3)."

    "The following year, 1999, Scientology continued its lobbying efforts. When Salmon, along with Representatives Benjamin A. Gilman (R-NY), Mark Foley (R-FL), and Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY), (and others) introduced House and Senate bills calling for the German government "to enter into constructive dialogue with minority groups subject to government discrimination based upon religion or belief," Scientologist Anne Archer was at the press conference (News From the House International Relations Committee 1999, 2)."

    Just in case it isn't crystal clear, the above information reveals that largely unbeknownst to the American public, 101 American Congressmen supported a bill that advocated Scientology on German soil, and the use of United States resources to lobby for this end.

    Scientology has one modern virtue - it is definitely non-partisan when it comes to rubbing shoulders with high level politicos. The cult will do business with people from any party, at any time. Disgraced Florida Republican Mark Foley (Congressman who legislated against child predators and then was revealed to have solicited minors for sex) had many public ties to the cult, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush praised the cult. Obama however is said to be unfriendly towards Scientology, which was what reportedly prompted John P. Coale to drop switch sides after Hillary lost the Democratic nomination for President last year and support McCain who was newly energized by his red hot ticket-mate Sarah Palin.

    PART 7: Why Sarah Palin, and Sarah Palin, Why?

    Which whisks us away from the gilded halls of DC power and into the cold dark vastness of the Alaskan political landscape. Bad Sarah, or The "Little Alaskan General" according to her ardent supporters. is losing ground. Palin's popularity with her constituents is melting faster than an Arctic glacier, and after only 2 years she is already essentially a lame duck in office, unable to get a preferred appointment through or a major bill passed. She is at war with the Alaskan legislature, the media, and continually battling to make any positive mark on the public's awareness, aside from speaking to her stalwart right-to-life base. Her family life, an important character issue for conservative politicians who campaign on family values, is a continual stream of disappointments both publicly and privately.

    Palin might prefer to run, or may likely be forced to run, as a third party candidate if she hopes to run for high office. That requires either a personal fortune or supporters with deep pockets as demonstrated by H. Ross Perot in 1996. With high unemployment and a depression looming, and the favor of a likely Third Party candidate that is in sore need of advice and financial backing, could John P. Coale, David Miscavige and Scientology finally be positioned to realize their long nurtured ambitions to infiltrate Washington by backing a contender for President? Could Palin's party, whether Republican or a Third Party splinter group, possibly become the party of Scientology as well?

    Palin's supporters are already accused of being robot-like, with little ability to distinguish their single-minded love for Sarah from their unquestioning political support of her policies. The Team Sarah website only allows members of the public to view their materials if they answer a questionnaire correctly and provide a valid phone number in advance of registering with the website - one of the most restrictive and controlling registration policies on the entire internet, and certainly among political sites. Exactly what are Team Sarah members afraid of? Apparently, they nurse a paranoia that they are spied on and can't tolerate dissenting voices within their carefully cultivated "groupthink". They don't even want people who disagree with them to read their posts or know what they are planning.

    Rigid control of information, carefully vetted and screened members whose loyalty to a cause is scrutinized and measured, limitation of access to those who think differently... Team Sarah could very well be the next fertile and receptive bed for Scientologists to sow.

    The following are considered common characteristics of cult leaders:


    Sarah Palin can't be said to definitely possess all of the above traits, and she is not a prolific writer like L. Ron Hubbard or a powerful orator like Hitler. But she could be fairly assessed to carry 12 out of 15 traits listed. Certainly Palin could be a dangerous loose cannon if she ever manages to reach high office with her Apocalyptic religious upbringing intact, a dedicated and powerful Scientologist lawyer backing her up, and a group of supporters who do not tolerate any opposition opinions whatsoever. Palin is a failure as a Governor, but she just might have what it takes to lead a flourishing cult.

    On a saner note, it is clearly time for the American public to demand unequivocally that ANY and ALL public officials as well as celebrities become "100% Scientology Free" and pointedly divest themselves of any group that practices mind control, slave labor, and mental and physical abuse regardless of whether or not it has a set of beliefs they find attractive. At this juncture in her career, if Sarah Palin would publicly and emphatically distance herself from John P. Coale and Greta Van Susteren because they are Scientologists, she would gain votes, not lose them.

    Who is friendlier to Scientology Cult Aims in Alaska, Sarah Palin, or PsychRights?

    After a scant two years of holding an important office Palin is bogged down more law suits and ethics complaints than many politicians gather in an entire career. Thanks to the sleuthing of Palingates blog, we know that one of these lawsuits is PsychRights vs. Alaska. Unfortunately, PsychRights is a name that sounds alarmingly like the kind of name that Scientologists love to come up with. Is a Scientology front group suing Sarah Palin? Turns out, apparently no. In his mission to destroy psychiatry, L. Ron Hubbard co-founded the Citizens Commission On Human Rights (CCHR) with secular humanist and anti-psychiatry activist Thomas Szasz, back in the 60's and well before anyone realized what Scientology was all about. Szasz took a sensible stand against coerced psychiatry, but was not a Scientologist. (However, the cult does use Szasz's writings to further its agenda.)

    Apparently, it is possible to be against psychiatric abuses without being a Scientologist and without wishing to wipe the field of psychiatry itself off the planet. It is apparently in this spirit that PsychRights was founded in Alaska and has racked up many successful court cases advocating against over-drugging of children and other psychiatric system failures in the state.

    However, Hubbard's old cult front group CCHR is now also active in Alaska. Inevitably, Scientology's CCHR front group has courted and tried to claim affiliation with PsychRights. If they are Scientologists worthy of their cult, they no doubt hoped to infiltrate PsychRights. In a phone call to PsychRights, I confirmed with lawyer Jim Gottstein who runs the non-profit organization that his group is indeed "100% Scientology Free" and he directed me to this statement on PsychRights website:

    Statement Regarding Non-Affiliation with Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) December 26, 2006

    In the last few weeks the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) has made overtures to PsychRights and even sent out at least one public relations e-mail suggesting PsychRights is working with CCHR. This is not true. While CCHR's efforts in some ways parallels that of PsychRights, there is absolutely no affiliation. Frankly, PsychRights does not need to carry the Scientology baggage that goes along with CCHR and it therefore has determined not to work with or affiliate with it in any way. We do try to be polite, but this is PsychRights' firm policy.

    Finally! We found a lawyer in our story who clearly and publicly states that he is not affiliated with Scientology, and absolutely never intends to be. Nor does he intend to allow Scientology to ingratiate itself or buy its way into his non-profit organization, which probably relies heavily on fund raising and outside contributions. Mind-control cult connections? Thanks, but no thanks.

    This Alaska non-profit sees the wisdom in taking a stand and making a public statement against even an appearance of having a connection with Scientologists and Scientology. Now I put the question to Alaskan citizens - why can't the Governor of your state put everyone's minds at ease by doing the same thing, and dropping even the suggestion of a connection with Scientologists?
    nailinpalinnow: Palin's Coale Keeps Scientology's Political Ambitions Burning Bright

    Long, but interesting. I wonder if she's backing off from SarahPAC because she's afraid of the Scientology connections?

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    Palin does not need Scientology connections, and in the end, these connections will only become political dynamite for her.
    Palin is political dynamite, so she and Scientology would just cancel each other out.

    Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary Clinton,
    Have these three taken money from Scientology? I hope not.

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    Oh my gosh, that's a frickin' encyclopedia. Can someone please break it down in terms of the connection for me until I read it?

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    Breakdown: Sarah Palin is being controlled by some very scary Scientologists (primarily Operating Thetan Level 7 John Coale, husband of Van Susteran) who want to mind-control the world by tunneling into mainstream politics and she's too greedy/stupid to care. Her followers are perfect Scientology converts because of their "groupthink" and robotic mindsets.

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    If Palin's got that close of connections to the $cienos, then the Johnston family better watch their backs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoAmI View Post
    Breakdown: Sarah Palin is being controlled by some very scary Scientologists (primarily Operating Thetan Level 7 John Coale, husband of Van Susteran) who want to mind-control the world by tunneling into mainstream politics and she's too greedy/stupid to care. Her followers are perfect Scientology converts because of their "groupthink" and robotic mindsets.
    Thanks for summing that up. Now, if we're lucky, Palin will bring down Scientology like she brought down McCain's campaign.

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    As an Operating Thetan Level 7, Coale apparently has magical powers. Too bad he couldn't erase himself from the photos that show him hanging out at the finish line of the Dud's last big race after Sarah denied they were close.

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    Jeez.. all of this shit makes my head spin.. Palin and Coale, who is Greta VanUglyFuck's husband... this is just a soap opera that never ends.

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    John Coale at this year's Iron Dog race.

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    Couldn't be that he was just in the 'hood for some fresh caught salmon and happened to catch a photo opp with the Gov? Didn't think so.

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    Tom Cruise is also an Operating Thetan, but I've seen him reported as either a Level 6 or a Level 7.

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    Tommy Gurl is OT 7.

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    Damn that was long but well worth the read. I wonder how long it took the blogger to compile that information. It'd be a long magazine article. Now I know more specifics around Coale & Van Susteren's "ambulance chasing." Now if only they'd catch the swine flu and prove once and for all that their Thetan-free bodies are full of shit.

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    The whole Co$/government thing is beyond creepy. Read up on 'Operation Snowwhite.'

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    "They (Scientologists) take the best and the brightest people and destroy them."
    Well, that certainly doesn't cover Sarah.

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