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Thread: "Team Sarah" attempts to organize against Kathleen Sebelius

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    Default "Team Sarah" attempts to organize against Kathleen Sebelius

    An online community of female supporters of Gov. Sarah Palin is launching a last minute campaign to derail the candidacy of Kathleen Sebelius for the secretary post at the Department of Health and Human Services.

    Team Sarah, which was founded to support and mobilize for the McCain-Palin ticket and claims tens-of-thousands of members, blasted out a petition on Monday morning urging members to "flood the phone lines" in opposition to Sebelius' candidacy.

    "Hi Team!

    Today's the day! Our Not on Our Watch! Phone Bank Blast is set for TODAY from 2pm - 4pm ET. Write a note & stick it on your forehead, set your cell phone alarm - do what you have to do to remember to make your calls TODAY!

    Our goal is to flood the phone lines of the Senate Finance Committee and make our message heard loud and clear - NO SEBELIUS! Not on Our Watch!

    For the complete project information, including the phone numbers of the members of the Senate Finance Committee, visit: Team Sarah Announces the Not on Our Watch! Project - Team Sarah or "gather around the Water Cooler.

    Also, if you haven't sent out your postcards or letters yet, it's not too late! Send them out as soon as you can so that they reach the Senate Finance Committee this week."

    Sebelius's nomination is set to come to a vote before the Senate Finance Committee this Tuesday, April 21. The nomination is expected to pass through the committee and ultimately the Senate, though on Friday the terrain got a bit rougher, when ranking Republican Sen. Charles Grassley criticized the Kansas Governor for understating the amount of money she raised from doctor who performs abortions -- likely the same revelation offending the Team Sarah members.

    Progressive groups have been pushing for an expeditious confirmation of Sebelius for weeks, arguing that the administration is being disadvantaged by lacking a cabinet figure to tackle a subject of such key political and economy importance (health care).

    Here, for instance, is the SEIU's petition:

    "Earlier this month, a Republican Senator put a mysterious hold on the confirmation of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as Health and Human Services Secretary. It's hard to believe that while the clock ticks on fixing health care, the top leadership position in the government's health agency is left vacant. This is simply unacceptable."
    Palin v. Sebelius? "Team Sarah" Organizes Against Obama Pick

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    What is so out of the mainstream about Sebelius? She is pro choice. So? More than half the nation supports some abortion rights. It's Palin and her crowd that are out of the mainstream.

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