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Thread: Sarah Palin's Legal Defense Fund is here! Get out yer wallets!

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    Default Sarah Palin's Legal Defense Fund is here! Get out yer wallets!

    If you were up all night pacing the floors, wondering if Thomas Van Flein was ever going to get paid his half million dollars (and counting) for what has to be a full time job - defending the governor from herself - you will sleep well tonight. Put your little head right down on the pillow and know that Sarah Palin now has a fund set up, where you and other concerned citizens can pay her attorney directly for stuff like Troopergate, misuse of official position by charging the state for her children’s travel expenses, doing campaign work from the governor’s office, using private Yahoo! email accounts to do official state business, charging the state per diem to live in her house, advertising a brand name sporting goods company who was paying her husband, claiming that emails sent to her husband are protected under “executive privilege,” and violating Alaska law by refusing (even retroactively) to issue a Juneteenth proclamation. One can imagine Palin’t attorney sitting behind his desk with nothing visible but his eyes peering over the top of large stacks of papers. They look a little squinched on the sides….like they’re smiling.

    According to the organizer,the defense money raised will go directly to Thomas Van Flein, Governor Palin’s private attorney. Governor Palin owes over 500 thousand dollars in legal bills as she fights a series of ethics complaints filed by Democratic Operatives working in Alaska . The bills are expected to go much higher.

    Clayton Paslay, a businessman who splits his time between Texas and Southern California, set up the fund.

    Clayton tells me that he has never met the Governor, but set up the fund because he wants her “to get a fair shake.” He also told me that he hopes Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012 because “We need someone to clean up Washington . Someone with grit like Governor Palin.”

    Mr. Paslay says he filed all the federal election legal papers for the special fund and spoke with Governor Palin’s attorney. I called Mr. Van Flein’s office and they confirmed that the fund is legitimate.

    Paslay expects enemies of Sarah Palin to come after him. Paslay said, “I told Sarah Palin’s attorney that I may need him too.”

    And that pile of money just got a little bigger….

    The post then goes on to say that even though this fund is legal, it’s not the real “official” fund, which is coming. It will be up and running really soon, but it might require calling every single donor and asking them a series of questions, which they may not want to do, but they’re not sure, but they do know that totally for sure this is really really legal. But in the mean time you can still give your money to the unofficial and also totally really legal one, which is set up now.

    And then, just in case you weren’t sure, the post has an update telling us that they’ve double-checked that it’s legal. And not only that but they are going to keep really meticulous and careful records….of the one that’s up and running now. Even though it’s not the official one, they’re going to be really careful. And legal. And legitimate.

    Again, just to be clear. Sarah Palin’s attorney has given his assurance that this fund is legal and legitimate. So, if you give to this fund or the “official” one still to be set up, the money is all going to the same place - to pay for Sarah Palin’s legal bills.

    So, crack those piggy banks, kids!

    And I’m about to give the governor the best legal advice she’s ever had (and I’m not even a lawyer).

    Here it is: Stop doing illegal stuff.
    The Mudflats » Sarah Palin’s Legal Defense Fund is Here!

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    This Palin bitch is so fucking obnoxious. I want to kick her in the box.

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    Let me write out a check that I know will bounce.

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    I wonder how much $$ her cult will raise...

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    She'll probably get a wad at first, but no where near what she owes, unless she gets a lot from a couple of dirty old rich Republicans who hope they'll get a blowjob or striptease out of the deal.

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