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Thread: Vermont passes gay-marriage bill

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    Thumbs up Vermont passes gay-marriage bill

    Vermont passes gay-marriage bill

    Reuters North American News Service
    Apr 07, 2009 10:51 EST

    * Vermont becomes 4th U.S. state to legalize gay marriage
    * Bill gains enough support to override veto from governor

    (Adds details throughout)

    BOSTON (Reuters) - Vermont lawmakers Tuesday overrode a veto from the governor in passing a bill that would allow same-sex marriage, clearing the way for the state to become the fourth in the nation where gay marriage is legal.

    The Vermont House of Representatives passed the bill by a 100-49 vote after it cleared the state Senate 23-5 earlier in the day. In Vermont, a bill needs two-thirds support in each chamber to override a veto.

    Vermont's vote comes just four days after Iowa's Supreme Court struck down a decade-old law that barred gays from marrying to make that state the first in the U.S. heartland to allow same-sex marriages.

    Vermont's gay marriage legislation looked in peril after a vote Thursday in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives that failed to garner enough support clear a veto threat from Republican Governor Jim Douglas.

    California briefly recognized gay marriage until voters banned it in a referendum last year.

    Vermont, which became the first state in the country to allow full civil unions for same-sex couples in 2000, joins New England neighbors Connecticut and Massachusetts in allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

    Lawmakers in New Hampshire and Maine are also considering bills to allow gay marriage, putting New England at the heart of a divisive national debate over the issue.

    Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, which helped to legalize gay marriage in Massachusetts and Connecticut, has set a goal of expanding gay marriage to all New England states by 2012. Maine and New Hampshire already offer same-sex couples some form of legal recognition.

    Forty-three U.S. states have laws explicitly prohibiting such marriages, including 29 with constitutional amendments restricting marriage to one man and one woman.

    (Reporting by Jason Szep)

    Source: Reuters North American News Service

    Vermont passes gay-marriage bill | TPM News Pages

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    Yeah, but wth wants to live in Vermont?
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    i thought they had already passed it.
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    Vermont is very beautiful and Burlington is a great city. Yah Vermont, on all counts!

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    07 Apr 2009 03:18 pm
    Marriage In DC!

    When it rains, it pours:
    The D.C. Council voted today to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, on the same day that Vermont became the fourth state to legalize same-sex unions.
    Dale Carpenter throws some cold water:
    There are a couple of important things to keep in mind, however. First, D.C. council law is subject to override by Congress, which could place the Democrats in an awkward position. Second, recognition of gay marriages in D.C. would be subject to a ballot override.
    Yes and yes. But for now, I have a chance to be legally married in the place I live for eight months of the year. Now: just think for a minute how many heterosexuals have ever asked themselves this question - even immigrating to foreign countries, let alone moving from one state to another. This is enough for me right now, enough reason to celebrate.

    It has been such a long journey, but we can see the mountaintop now.
    The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan (April 07, 2009) - Marriage In DC!

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    An important milestone is that VT is the first state whose legislature is leading the way, rather than judiciary. Thus, it's the people (via their elected representatives) rather than the judges. No one can blame this on 'activist judges.' Yay, Vermont.

    I have nothing against activist judges, by the way. This is just another way of showing that the time has come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msdeb View Post
    i thought they had already passed it.
    No, they passed gay civil unions several years ago when Howard Dean was Governor.

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    One more step toward equality. A couple billion more to go.

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