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Thread: Your top 5 best and worst movies

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    in the twilight zone.


    The Color Purple
    Casino Royale
    REality Bites ( no one throw anything)
    Lord of the Rings and about 50 more
    The Last Samarai LOVE Ken Watanabe
    The Departed

    Vanilla Sky
    Jean Claude movies
    Steven Seagal movies
    Duece Bigelow 2
    "Shit, I think I just confused myself. QUICK! Somebody hand me chalk, a chalkboard and Will Hunting's brain!" michael k -dlisted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reptillycus View Post
    That John Travolta movie that I can't remember the name of where he has crap coming out of his nose?
    Battlefield Earth?

    Quote Originally Posted by hawaii girl View Post
    what if lucy jumps....know one knows this..look it up.
    I think you must mean "If Lucy Fell", with Sara Jessica Parker.

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