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Thread: What's returning, what's canceled, and what's new

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    "Life on Mars" is English, I wonder if it is being re-made in the US
    A friend of mine downloaded the preair premiere, and said it was kind of crap. The main actor lacked Simms' charisma, and by setting the show in LA, they really took away from one of the central themes (the newer, gentler policing as contrasted to past boorish practices). Also, they gloss over the racism and sexism of cops in the 70s a lot more than they do in the original.

    I downloaded it too, but couldn't bother watching it. The main actor is kind of ape-like.
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    I really liked Las Vegas and Shark!!!

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    dammit I love Moonlight and the Bionic Woman and October Road. WAHHHH!!!!!!!!!
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    I loved Moonlight, at least they got together in the last episode.

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