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Thread: What new shows do you think are destined for cancellation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    nope, not either. it's nothing like 'fame' at all. and believe me, i hated 'fame'. 'glee' is satirical and hilarious. did you see the movie 'election'? it's kinda like that. except with people singing.
    The TV show 'Fame' had students running around singing, as well as dancing, in a school which is what this show sounds like. Although I've read where critics have compared it to High School Musical.

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    Modern Family has a lot of potential, so hopefully that show won't get the axe. But The Middle and Hank both sucked ass, so don't waste your time. The Middle stars that lady who played on Everybody Loves Raymond as Ray's wife, and imo, not even she could keep the episode together. Hank stars Kelsey Grammer, whom I normally love, but the writing is so awful that there's just no way the show will make it unless they fire the writers.
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    I really like the NCIS spin-off. I like looking at Chris for about 40 minutes a week.

    Another I like, but I think it will be canned is The Good Wife.

    Trauma simply sucked.

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