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Thread: What new or returning TV show are you psyched about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by louiswinthorpe111 View Post
    Prison Break. I am totally addicted to this show and have withdrawls when it's not on.

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    CSI Miami. I used to despise David Caruso, but he makes this show. Love it. They have these damn CSI marathons on constantly in my region and I'm addicted. I become a couch potato all weekend.

    I'm also anxious for American Idol to get started again.

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    I don't watch much tv any longer. Have to admit that I am looking forward to the return of Rome on HBO.
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    oo! I love Rome too, that's a great show. Did you read the review in the New Yorker? They said this season is better than the last and it's finally coming into its own.

    Can't wait!
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