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Thread: What was the last movie you watched and what did you think of it? (part deux)

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    Joker with Joaquin Phoenix. Boring. I mean, Joaquin is good at playing mentally ill, but the story didnít really keep my attention. I think I fell asleep because I donít remember how it ended.
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    ^^ I put this on for a few minutes tonight and had to turn it off. I'm not really a fan of his anyway, and I realize he's gotten a lot of accolades for his performance ... it was just way too dark and depressing for me, especially with what's going on in the world/country right now. I'm also afraid of clowns, so this was probably not going to be on my favorite movies list anyway.
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    Catch Hell with Ryan Phillippe. Screwed up torture movie but I loved it.

    It's A Disaster with Julia Stiles and David Cross. Funny doomsday movie.

    Both on Amazon Prime.

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    really liked it. beautiful sets, costumes, music. acting was good. and CLIVE.
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    Cats. I enjoyed watching the stage version but I could only handle 15minutes of the movie before I tapped out. It was just awful. The CGI was a joke. Rebel Wilson was cringeworthy and Jason Dureolo was all kinds of wrong. I’d love to know what Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber thought about it.
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    The Wrong Missy on Netflix. Very funny. Adam spade invites a girl to Hawaii with him and it ends up being a nightmare blind date that he texted instead of who he meant.
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