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Thread: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

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    Everyone told me that New Moon was amazing and it does look better than Twilight, but I dont intend to judge a movie by its trailer. I havent read the book yet so Im in no hurry to see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConstanceSpry View Post
    We went to see it, HATED it!! Bella is so morose and annoying and depressing, there is no way she'd have two guys pining for her. And Edward looks like an adult Eddie Munster. Add the cheesy, ridiculous dialogue = FAIL! We are going to Netflix the next one.
    LOL, I love your review. The Eddie Munster comparison is hilarious!

    Quote Originally Posted by gas_chick View Post
    I took my daughter even though I knew I'd hate it. At least I had Taylor Lautner to drool over. The movie reminded me why I hate this damn series even though I read all the books.
    You must love your child very much! I dread the day when my daughter starts obsessing over this kind of stuff, I don't know if I will be so accommodating.

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    DD trust when I say you'll see much worse as a mom. I sat thru some seriously horrible cartoon movies when she was younger.

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    I don't understand why people are loving this movie. All Bella and Edward do is cry and tell eachother their feelings. During those sappy moments(there were far too many of them) people in the theater were laughing.
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    We did go to New Moon on Thanksgiving afternoon. Ugg~! The movie itself looked better than the first,....but the acting was just as bad, maybe worse!! I am also a Mom of 2 teenage girls and one pre-teen daughter. So it was a MUST for us to see this movie. The things us Moms do for our kids,.....RME

    I HATE the two actors who play Edward and Bella!! All they do is stare at each other and look like they want to moan in orgasim. Just fuck already and be done with it!!

    Jacob isn't a very good actor either,....but at least he is a nice looking kid, with a slamming body. I did feel a tad pervy though for thinking nasty thoughts about him. He is just a bit older than my oldest daughter. I did like seeing the wolf changing scenes.

    Story wise,...I thought the movie really drug and didn't feel like I learned much more of their saga. I just kept thinking,.....get on with it, already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FashionVictim View Post
    I don't understand why people are loving this movie. All Bella and Edward do is cry and tell eachother their feelings. During those sappy moments(there were far too many of them) people in the theater were laughing.
    That's what I like about the whole Twilight shit sandwich. It's not good per se, it's so bad it's good - and all the emo teen romance shit is unintentionally HILARIOUS.

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    Okay...I've only read the first two books and both were traumatizing experiences that left me near a mental breakdown due to the fact that I had allowed myself to dumb down enough to even want to READ these horrific excuses for "literature"...I've ranted and ranted about my hate for Twilight on various threads here but eventually it becomes too exhausting.

    I wasn't a huge fan of Twilight the movie other than getting caught up in how many sexy men happen to be in it...but New Moon, dear god it was awful! It literally was almost as painstakingly awful as the book...and it just sickens me how rich Meyer is off of all this...the only reason I even went is because my bff is huge into it and I dragged her to Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince so it was only fair to allow myself to be dragged to this...*shudder*

    I bet anyone/everyone involved- especially Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson can not WAIT until it's all over and can somehow heal themselves from the experience and move on with their "careers" however, they should never have to worry about finding work because they are pretty much set! They could freakin' retire if they wanted to!

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