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Thread: TV characters you'd like to see killed off

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    LOST -- Juliet -- I loathe her. Seriously, I can't stand the expressions on her face. I want Sayid to train up Kate, so they can tag team torture her to death, prisoner of war style. Hooray for the mad skills of the Iraqi Republican Guard, let's take this bitch out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoveFeatheredRaven View Post
    Ohmilord, I love Lila on Dexter and Phyllis on Young and the Restless. On Y&R, they could get rid of that whiny bitch Sharon any day of the week!!

    I would say Rita on Dexter. Can't stand her!!
    On Men in Trees, the bar owners wife- hate her. He should be with the ex-prostitute chick.
    Would have said Sara Sidle on CSI but she is leaving of her own volition. Whatever works!!
    OMG...Sharon, YES! I was so hoping that falling building landed right on her little head.
    I totally agree about Sara too, whiney and dull as hell. Not close to good enough for Gil!

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    Heroes-The Dullness Twins. And as an unpopular opinion, Sylar-he really worked better as a one season villain than a regular character.

    Dexter-Rita and her fucking kids. I'm so over their storyline.

    Bones-I have to say, Cam. It's not that I mind her character that much anymore, but she brings nothing to the cast, and a museum doesn't need a pathologist. Bring back Goodman instead!

    Chuck-Morgan! The actor seriously grates, and I dislike this kind of 'pervy loser with a heart of gold' character. Give his scenes to Adam Baldwin instead.

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