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Thread: Tribute to James Burrows (Reunion of casts of Friends, Frasier, etc.) Who watched?

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    Quote Originally Posted by C_is_for_Cookie View Post
    I have no idea how her relationship with the people form Cheers was, but I've read that she refused to go on Frasier(the only main cast member from Cheers to never appear on Frasier) because as a Scientologist she doesn't believe in psychiatry. Which is interesting because he played the exact same character on Cheers and Lilith was a shrink on Cheers too.
    Weird, because she's got a commercial airing currently for Jenny Craig I think, where she walks into the Cheers bar set and Norm and Cliff Claven are in it. So it really makes no sense that she'd refuse to be on the Burrows special. Like she's got anything else going on right now? She should have been clamoring to appear.

    I didn't watch last night but I did DVR it so hope to watch sometime this week.
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    Damn the cast of Taxi looks better than all the rest of them. Screw Kirstie Alley I hated her on Cheers anyway.
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    I caught the last half, I think it should be on demand. When you at his body of work it's incredible how many characters and episodes are classic tv. He directed the Mary Tyler Moore episode where Mary has insomnia. The bathtub scene has been done on Friends and I think on Frasier, like an homage.

    The scene is starts at 14:05. God love Ted Knight. His Ted Baxter was flawless.

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