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Thread: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

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    Well, this was bad. I'm kind of amazed that Tim Burton managed to make Wonderland this boring. And WTF with that stupid dance? I was embarrassed just watching it, and talk about anti-climactic.

    Also, all I saw was Madonna in every single shot of the Mad Hatter. Boo, Tim Burton, boo.

    Overall, I'd say the most exciting thing about this movie are the promo posters and billboards which show the cool costumes and makeup. There's really nothing worth seeing beyond that.

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    Just seen it...quite enjoyed it.

    Visually stunning; i loved this re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland.

    The supporting characters were mostly great apart from the Mad Hatter and the White Queen. Johnny Depp IMO was OTT and Anne Hathaway seemed to me to be sleep walking her way through her part.

    Helena Bonham Carter was great as the Red Queen.

    I did get bored during the last 20 minutes. Didn't see this in's a format that i'm not really bothered about tbh.

    I'd recommend this...but not for really young children.

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