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Thread: Sex and the City: the spoilers

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    you already know.


    ^ yeah and the girls were in the same colors that their bridesmaids dresses were in.

    im sorry, but id never take that son of a bitch back after that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbelle View Post
    I also was disappointed that Miranda didn't stick to her guns and that Steve's cheating was just kind of explained away as an understandable "indiscretion" while she was made into an uber-bitch for kicking him to the curb after he FUCKED SOMEONE ELSE. Personally, I think he's a whiny, wimpy loser and kind of a jerk. I've never understood his appeal and I would have loved to see Miranda assert herself and tell him to fuck off, for good, instead of go crawling back to him, wondering if she's even good enough for him ("It occured to Miranda that Steve's list might have more cons than pros.")
    Well, Miranda never did take responsibility for her part in the marriage breakdown to the extent she should have. She was putting Steve last place in her life and when he tried to talk to her about it, she didn't take any action to change things. She knew he was feeling neglected. I am not saying that she deserved to be cheated on but Steve was clearly vulnerable to an affair because he wasn't getting the attention at home.

    I thought it was admirable how Steve did feel guilty about the affair and confessed it right away. He could've been a sneaky asshole and keep cheating on her behind her back, but he wasn't.

    On an unrelated note, Harry is a sweet guy but he looks exactly like Dr. Evil! Not sexy.

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    i think harry's hot. yeah he's ugly but he's funny, smart and sexay.

    i am so pissed off that they had miranda go back to steve in the movie. i haven't seen it yet - to be honest, this is one movie that i'll catch when it comes out on dvd. especially now that i know steve and miranda stay together.
    of course she puts him last and neglects him - she's better and smarter than that one-balled, passive-aggressive whiny loser!!! she shouldn't be with him in the first place.
    have i mentioned how much I HATE STEVE?!?!
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    Always eager to protect their fans, the cast of the "Sex and the City" movie and writer/director Michael Patrick King went to extraordinary lengths to keep much of the film's plot a secret. Now that the movie has hit theaters, here are some interesting tidbits about what didn't make it into the film, and more.

    Yes, someone was meant to die: The original script for "Sex" featured the death of one of the show's characters, but, unlike tabloid speculation, it wasn't anyone in the main cast. Anne Meara, who played Steve's mom, was set to pass away in a scene meant to show that even though Steve (David Eigenberg) had cheated on Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), she still cared for him enough after their separation to visit her mother-in-law in the hospital. As for killing off any of his leading ladies, King dismissed the idea noting, "I care too much about each of these characters."

    The original script would have been a much longer movie: A number of characters' story lines had to be dramatically cut, including one involving Charlotte's husband, Harry (Evan Handler), and the couple's 21-year-old nanny who seemingly never wore a bra. Christened "Erin Go Braless" by Samantha (Kim Cattrall), the character was meant to introduce a whole fear in Charlotte (Kristin Davis) about something happening to her (what that was wasn't revealed). Davis notes, "A couple of the things got cut time-wise. You just feel bad for the guys in our world. They're troupers about it."

    Mr. Big wasn't the only flame of Carrie's to show up in the movie: With the movie "busting at the seams," King had to cut an "amazing scene" for John Corbett, who played Carrie's ex-boyfriend Aidan.

    Blame Mr. Big for most of those crazy rumors: King admits they shot a number of fake scenes to try to divert attention from the film's true plot, but, even so, Chris Noth, who plays Carrie's love Mr. Big, found the paparazzi and press attention insanely desperate. When the movie was shooting in the streets of New York, he'd drop all sorts of false story lines to the overly eager reporters. Noth recalls, "I'd do things like suddenly go by a journalist and say, 'Yeah it's too bad that Carrie died!' [Or] 'It's all just a dream, isn't it. It's so much fun when she wakes up from the nightmare!'"

    Cattrall says Samantha should be single: The movie ends with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte happily married, but Samantha, once again, is playing the field. No one could be more satisfied with this than Cattrall, who always felt the character wasn't meant for a long-term relationship.

    Good luck trying to stay at that Mexican resort the girls crash for Carrie's honeymoon: No, they weren't vacationing south of the border, it was a set created in the more production friendly confines of Malibu, Calif. Who knew?

    Source: MSN Movies
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    Harry would NEVER cheat on Charlotte, he wouldnt even LOOK at another woman, so i'm glad that never made it as a story line.
    i never cared for Aidan/Carrie, only because she sucked the life out of him, he was the wrong guy for her. Big is perfect.
    oh my gawd, i need to get a life.
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